Dating Advice as Told by Batman

Author: Tony Iliakostas, The Dating Game

Batman, who has been dubbed the world’s greatest detective, has it all.

He’s a successful businessman by day, he’s got fancy tech, he takes down crime, and of course, he’s a heartthrob to most women who encounter him. Whether you’ve read the comics, watched the animated series, or even watched old and new cinematic renditions of Batman, the Dark Knight teaches us lessons about dating that may be useful to those looking for love.


Be yourself
Many would probably think that Bruce Wayne suffers from some type of identity crisis. He’s a playboy billionaire by day, and a masked vigilante by night. Yet, if you know anything about the Batman story arch, Bruce Wayne isn’t some person who doesn’t know who he is. He has embraced the Batman moniker to rid Gotham of crime, which he himself was a victim of when his parents were mercilessly killed before his eyes as a young boy. The same outlook should be applied to dating. Don’t put on a proverbial mask to hide your true colors. Dating is about being yourself. You want your date to know who you are, and what you stand for. Adopting this mindset will make the dating experience a lot easier.

Moral support is vital
Batman has sought the help of many accomplices and sidekicks throughout the history of this comic book. His most noteworthy is Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce’s guardian and right hand man. It’s Alfred who serves as the voice of reason, and a beacon of wisdom when Bruce dealt with inner personal or moral conflict. The same goes for dating. If you’re in a relationship where you’re uncertain of the direction it’s going, it’s totally natural to go to close friends and family who you confide in, and seek their guidance. Likewise, if your dating relationship is going really well, share the praise report with them too. Just remember that not everyone has your best interests in heart. Make sure that whoever you talk to is someone who you genuinely trust.

Teamwork makes the dream work
Batman didn’t fight Gotham’s foes on his own. Whether it was the Boy Wonder Dick Grayson, Jason Todd’s rendition of Robin, or Barbara Gordon as Batgirl, Batman knew that the help of others would ease the burden of fighting the worst of the worst villains. And of course, Batman’s embrace of teamwork expanded beyond Gotham when he became a founding member of the Justice League, DC’s version of the Avengers. Dating is very similar. The success of every dating relationship relies heavily on the contribution that each person in the relationship makes. Whether it’s paying for a night out every once in a while, or lending an ear during a meaningful conversation, there should be equilibrium in the relationship. Every happy and thriving married couple will tell you that their marriage has lasted because each spouse worked in tandem as a team.

Relationships can be complicated
If there’s one thing Bruce Wayne and I have in common, it’s that we have dated our fair share of women. Whether it was Vicki Vale, Dr. Chase Meridian, Rachel Dawes, or even Selina Kyle (yes, the Catwoman), Bruce consistently fell in and out of love. Perhaps his lack of commitment to women was superseded by his obligation to protect Gotham City. Nevertheless, if you’re one of those people who has dated many guys or girls, and you haven’t found “the one” yet, rest on the laurels that neither has Bruce Wayne. Don’t consider yourself an outsider simply because you’ve spent so many years in unsuccessful dating relationships. This is a normal feeling, and the time will come sooner or later when you meet that one person who will take your breath away.

More experience makes you better and smarter
Batman became a better and stronger superhero as he encountered more villains, upgraded his technology, and acquired more experience as a crime fighter. Dating is very similar in this regard. The more people you date, the more you’ll understand your wants and needs in life. You’ll meet people who are good for just a coffee date. You’ll meet others who you hope to foster a long-lasting permanent relationship with. But this will only happen as you grow older and continue dating people.


If you’re single and itching to get back in the dating scene, my hope is that the advice above will inspire and motivate you to do so. And if The Penguin dares to interrupt your dinner date, you know what to do.

Harley Quinn

Life Lessons from Harley Quinn

Author: Elizabeth Zarb, Entertainment

Wait, but who’s Harley Quinn and how can I learn from her? Well, she’s a DC Comics character who made her debut as the Joker’s henchwoman in Batman: The Animated Series. 

She quickly became a fan favorite, becoming one of the first comic book characters to originate on TV, and launching from screen to comics with her brash sense of humor, her crazy antics, and, of course, her love for “Mistah J.” Her popularity skyrocketed with Margot Robbie’s portrayal of her in 2016’s Suicide Squad. Now, what can she teach us?

Coffee is always a necessity.

In the 2016 movie, the first thing that Harley asks for when told she could have anything in her cell that
she wants is an espresso machine. A girl after my own heart, and I’m sure yours as well.
Coffee is always the priority. 


Solve problems by looking at them from a new perspective.

Mistah J wants the fish to smile? Just put Batman upside down and those frowns become smiles!
Only someone as insane as Harley could think of such a brilliant idea. And it shows us all that the
solution to problems can be found much easier than we realize.
Stop with all the overanalyzing


How to properly deal with catcalling.

Guys harassing you? Just pull out a bazooka and “blow them away.” 10/10 would
recommend. OK, not really, but she’s showing us we should all stand up for ourselves
when we’re not being treated right,or being treated in a way we like.
You don’t have to deal with catcalling, or anything, if you don’t want to.


Own your past and your flaws.

Upon hearing ex-criminal El Diablo’s tragic backstory, Harley shows little sympathy,
instead telling him to own it. She knows that your past mistakes shape who you
are as a person today, and there’s no use trying to escape the past.
Don’t dwell on it, use it to better yourself, and move on. 


Your environment can shape who you are.

Harley tries to give up crime, but because of her reputation as a villain she is unable to
assimilate into society. That same society throws her right back into her crime life.
(Granted, it was a misunderstanding that led society to reject her, but it’s all the same to Harley.)
Be careful who, where, and what you surround yourself with. It truly shapes you. 


Sometimes, love is worth it all.

In Suicide Squad, Harley willingly throws herself into a vat of chemicals to prove her
love to the Joker, showing us that yes, true love does exist, and the lengths
that you’ll go to for the person you love know no bounds.
While you shouldn’t have to go to such extremes,
be with someone you’d risk it all for.


But sometimes, the person you love isn’t worth your devotion.

The Joker and Harley’s relationship is known to be abusive, with the Joker often
causing Harley physical harm. Harley shows us that it’s okay to put yourself first,
and to leave an abusive relationship in order to save yourself.
Also, you never should have to deal with an abusive relationship in the first place. 


Sometimes your best friend is also your partner in crime (and in life).

Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn are best friends, with Ivy giving Harley an immunity to many
toxins when they meet. They run amok through Gotham City together (Ivy is driving the
in the aforementioned catcalling scene) and eventually Ivy helps Harley leave
the Joker. 
The two go from best friends to girlfriends, and it’s often said that
if your girlfriend/boyfriend is your best friend, you’re doing it right.


Harley Quinn may not be a perfect character (she is a criminal, after all), but she is incredibly complex and involved in some of the most engaging story lines in DC history. She also has given us some very important lessons to keep with us throughout life.

The 3 Best Comic Book Superheroes

Author: Danny Abriano, Entertainment

Who doesn’t want to be a superhero? Or at least have the ability to use some of their powers every now and then?

With that in mind, the three best comic book superheroes, who also became small and big screen stars, (we’re sure there won’t be any disagreements here) are…



In a way, Peter Parker has a personality reminiscent of Clark Kent – smart, observant, but reserved. Once he’s bitten and becomes Spiderman, though, all bets are off as he comes out of his shell.

Spiderman’s alter-ego is also the most relatable. He isn’t muscular (at least not compared to most other superheroes out there), doesn’t have incredible good looks, and isn’t popular.

And while Batman has his dark comedic moments and Superman has his charm, it’s Spiderman who seems most like us.




Of all the superheroes, it can be argued that Batman is not only the most complex, but the most selfless. As you’ll see below, all three of the superheroes listed here either have haunted pasts or suffer a traumatic incident shortly after becoming their respective alter-egos.

Batman, though, has the mansion, the money and the power. He’s the only one of the three superheroes listed here who willingly chose to become one.

And once he did, he evolved in a way that’s foreign to those listed above and below.




Why does Superman take the title? Simple.

As Bill eloquently points out toward the end of Kill Bill: Vol. 2, Superman didn’t become Superman. His outfit is the blanket he was wrapped in as a baby, while his alter-ego of Clark Kent is his actual costume.

And it’s Clark Kent, according to Bill, who is “Superman’s critique on the whole human race.”

That means Superman, who wound up on Earth as a baby who was sent from his soon-to-be doomed planet, is here to protect all – not just a specific city.

Even if you ignore the above and focus just on Superman’s ability to fly, his X-ray vision, and his superhuman strength, that’s enough to crown him king of the superheroes.