[Blank] My Life web series

[Blank] My Life

Author: Mary Grace Donaldson, Entertainment

Millennials, we’ve seen many forms of entertainment that have been created as a result of newer technologies available to us. Thanks to YouTube and increased video capabilities, the web series is a format in which we’ve been able to create full seasons of shows at a lower budget than a television show would need.

As is the case with any type of media, some of these series are for niche viewing. Others however, are very relatable to millennials, and to the things we go though in all aspects of life, some on a daily basis.

Enter [Blank] My Life. A web series that truly covers it all.

“It started as slices of my life, or things I thought about,” said Alex Spieth, the series’ creator. “My character, Susan, grows up, falls in love with her boyfriend, and decides to leave New York. When I first started the show, it was a reaction to the year I’d just had. But what I’m thinking about doing now is different that what I was thinking about then.”

Before starting production of the series, Spieth, like many other millennials, struggled with the transition from college to adult life, which gave her a lot of inspiration for the show.

“As an actor, I had an agent right after college,” she said. “I was dropped after a year. I have always been a Type-A personality, and this was the first time that I had to examine what I had to do. I asked myself, have I been lied to? Have I been deluding myself? I needed something to remind me that I had something to offer.”

So, why should we watch it? 

It deals with today’s dating scene 
We all know how that can go sometimes, right? Remember that Valentine’s Day that you spent doing anything but something romantic? The main character spends one Valentine’s Day babysitting — and not for a well-behaved child, either. It also deals with the online dating struggle, which is relatable to so many of us. And remember that time that you had to deal with your ex, after you had broken up? There’s an episode for that. And it’s just as awkward as you’d think.

It addresses making good decisions, versus making bad ones
In that very same episode in which the main character goes on a dinner date with her ex, said ex is portrayed as the devil. In other words, spending time with that ex is a bad decision, and she needed to be reminded of that fact throughout. We’ve all been there. We’ve all needed to remember why that person is an ex in the first place, or why we shouldn’t rebound so quickly, or why we shouldn’t post that picture.

It understands your work struggle
You know that bad day at work (or maybe bad days? weeks? months?) where whatever could go wrong, did go wrong? You spilt coffee on your white shirt, your desk phone rang off the hook while you had millions of other things to do, you ended up cleaning up after your colleagues who left a coffee pod in the Keurig again, you were interrupted by outside visitors (outside visitors? what does that even mean?), and maybe you were just a little hungover? This show gets it. It gets all of it.

It confronts some of the most difficult, as well as the most important, issues in our society  
On a much more serious note, [Blank] My Life brings the important issues to the forefront of the conversation. One episode shows the scary truths about how rapes can happen anywhere, including on college campuses, and showcases the main character’s experiences with it. Another looks at mental health head-on. The main character finds herself with her life in a state of despair. She also has scary experiences, including hallucinations, brought on by certain situations. She contemplates leaving her now home in New York City, to see if it will improve both her life and, in turn, her health. While much of the above is often considered taboo to talk about in a public setting, it’s so important that the conversations around these difficult issues continue.

So, what’s next for the series? Is there more to look forward to?
“We’re in the process of writing the next season,” Spieth said. “The past two seasons have been done piecemeal, and we don’t want to do that this time around. We’ll be filming in Pittsburgh next, and we really want to feel like this is ‘our project.’ We’re looking to do a movie, and we want to more that I haven’t already tried.”


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