Donald Trump’s Misogyny is Appalling

Author: #NAMB Guest Author, Current Events/Politics

dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against women.

In the decades leading up to when he was elected president, Donald Trump’s misogynistic behavior was on display. He mistreated his ex-wife, Ivana, who accused him of rape. He called a breastfeeding lawyer “disgusting.” He insinuated Megyn Kelly was menstruating during a debate. He called a former Miss Universe contestant “miss piggy” and an “eating machine.”

In his most appalling moment (that we know of), he was caught on tape saying he sexually assaults women. Not only saying it, but proudly saying it. That he “grabs them by the p***y.” And then nearly half the country turned around and voted for this walking atrocity.

That brings us to Trump’s recent comments.

Last Thursday, Trump went off on Twitter on Mika Brzezinski of MSNBC, first calling her intellect into question and then saying she was “bleeding badly from a face lift” during a party on New Year’s Eve at Mar-A-Lago.

The response to Trump’s attacks against Brzezinski was swift and came from both ends of the aisle, with many saying it was beneath the office of the presidency. And yet, what is being done about it?

As was the case after his “grab them by the p***y” remarks were leaked, the outrage has been followed by… nothing.

What Trump is doing is spitting on the decades of progress that has been made by women, who are still battling for equal rights that shouldn’t have to be battled for. His thoughts about women and the cringe-inducing ways he expresses them would get most people fired from their jobs. And it’s honestly impossible to fathom how any woman who voted for Trump can look their children in the eye at this point and even attempt to justify their vote.

Trump is not going to get impeached for the revolting things he says about women. The 25th amendment is not going to be invoked because of them. But if you add everything up and take a step back and look at the carnage of word-vomit Trump has left in his wake — both about women and otherwise — it’s fair to wonder if there will be a breaking point for Republicans, when they finally examine the totality of what’s happened and say enough is enough.

Perhaps that won’t happen. Perhaps we’ll have to answer at the polls in 2018, by voting many of Trump’s spineless Republican allies out of office. In the meantime, parents should make it a point to speak to their children about what Trump has been saying about women. To explain that these are hateful and shameful words from an unbalanced man.


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Food for Thought: Be Grateful for Those Who Make Your Ideals Worth Fighting For

Author: Alli Jean, Current Events/Politics

We all know the story of the first Thanksgiving. Recent immigrants to the New World, the pilgrims were struggling to establish a fruitful village and grow a bountiful harvest. And so every year on Thanksgiving, we commemorate the coming together of the Native Americans who generously offered to share their harvest with the Pilgrims.

And then our European ancestors slaughtered the Natives, introduced smallpox and eventually drove them to live on reservations. History lessons often end the story when the pumpkin pie is being passed between Squanto and the pilgrims and leave it at that.

Fast forward. We find ourselves at an interesting place this Thanksgiving 2016. We’re exhausted from the election cycle which still feels like it hasn’t ended, we’re fearful of the state of the world — specifically the political and ideological divide among our friends and neighbors — and may even feel overwhelmed at the idea of moving forward when for so many, the future seems so uncertain.


Maybe you’re looking forward to getting away from that this Thursday. Turning on football, having an extra slice of pie and spending quality time with family and friends. Others are worried about the inevitable political confrontations that are often unavoidable around the Thanksgiving table.

The truth is, the first Thanksgiving feels so pertinent to us this year, because like our ancestors, we’re on the brink of what feels like a new era. Thanksgiving has always been political. While we aren’t literally forming a new country, the ideals and policies we embrace going forward have the potential to significantly re-shape our identity as Americans.

After an election that saw our two political parties infiltrated by two of the most unpopular candidates in the history of the United States, and the changes to the Supreme Court on the horizon, it has never been more crucial to come together — as fragmented and separated as we might feel — and reflect as a nation where we want to go from here. We can’t literally sit down and dine together, but let us remember that as in the past, our differences are what formed us. Remember that.

For a nation founded on political and religious freedom from tyranny and oppression, our first act as a collective unit was to bring destruction to the Native Americans. This was shortly followed by the introduction of slavery. Once again we’re at a new beginning for this nation; let’s make sure bigotry isn’t written into our history this time.

So hug your family and friends a little tighter this holiday. Be mindful of what it is you want to fight for going forward. And be thankful for those around you who make your ideals worth fighting for.



Disclaimer: The political views expressed in this article do not necessarily express the views of Not Another Millennial Blog.

The War of 2020

Author: Mary Grace Donaldson, Literary Mag

The Preface
I never imagined I’d have to go to war.

Of course, I’d also never imagined that we’d find ourselves here, in a period of such political unrest, in the year 2020. In America. At the point that riots became the norm and and the police became so corrupt that they didn’t bother to stop what was happening. But to start a war because citizens needed a distraction from what was happening…

I’d fight, of course. Fight for the greater good. Emmett usually stood for that, even when his public perception couldn’t have hit any more rock-bottom if it tried.

The Backstory
We all stood for it at one time. When Emmett was still aligned with Javier. When we were all still aligned with Javier.

But I wasn’t only fighting for the greater good or for Emmett’s reputation or what he deserved, at this point. It was also for my own safety…that’s what happens to your mindset when you catch the heir to the “throne” embezzling $2.5 million from government accounts.

And Javier didn’t believe me. He thought it was all a ploy, a ploy set up by Emmett to be carried out by me and Zara and Dominick. Lisette would never steal any money, he said, forget about that amount of money, for herself.

But that’s not the whole story. That’s just the part that made the papers and the press conference.

Not to mention the line about how First Advisor Leah Moore accused the Commissioner-Elect of cooking the books without any evidence. Even the whole title of “Commissioner-Elect” is a joke, since the elections don’t matter.

The whole story starts when Javier said we’d all have a shot. We could all be commissioners one day upon his retirement – divide up the town into sections and give each of us a piece to supervise. No one was to be pushed out. No one was to accept less than a leadership role.

Yet without any notice, Lisette was secretly named the next county commissioner. Shortly afterward, I caught her red-handed.

Now I’m not terrific with numbers – but I’m terrific with reading people. And I knew she was trying to hide something when I caught her anxiously flipping through the town ledger, which faithfully sits on the desk of our treasury advisor. But it was after hours, and she’d gone home.

Lisette threatened to kill me once I’d gone to Javier with the surveillance footage that Emmett and I spent hours going through in the middle of the night.

“You don’t have to do this,” I said. “I can manage it. How do you even know if it’s true?”

“You saw it,” Emmett said. “And that’s enough for me.”

Two days later, the tape was destroyed.

My next step was to bring in an actual numbers expert – who was able to catch it – but once I took the case to our friend Dave at the local paper, the ledger was mysteriously (or not so mysteriously) replaced. Dave wanted to help – he just couldn’t.

Emmett protected me, of course – but if anyone should have been in the running to inherit the position of county commissioner, he should have been. He deserved it and spoke up for the rest of us when we couldn’t speak for ourselves.

When Javier failed to keep his word and refused to charge Lisette with embezzlement, Emmett decided to split and start his own movement – see if he could run for county commissioner on his own, with me and Zara and Dominick as his only advisors. He didn’t trust anyone else – not even the advisors who were seemingly “on the fence.”

Javier still had a large camp of advisors clamoring for his approval. There was Annette, who was useless at anything except acting as Javier’s puppet. There was Donald, who was part of the “on the fence” crowd – but nowadays there was no “on the fence.” You were either part of Javier’s camp or Emmett’s camp. Donald talked a big game, but when push came to shove, he feared Javier and continued to do his bidding. There was Tom, who seemed just too brilliant to be caught under the spell of Javier, yet he remained in the camp. And of course, there was Javier’s wife, Helene, who firmly believed that her husband did no wrong, and played a fine politician’s wife in the public eye.

They all made us out to be the “bad guys,” even when they were on the side of embezzlement and corruption. When Javier decided that the public had seen enough, he declared war.

War. As in riots in the streets war.

Javier had the police in his back pockets, so we were free to “battle” as we wished. Emmett capitalized – while we were his advisors, he needed man power. We couldn’t fight Javier’s larger and more well-funded troops with just four. But come hell or high water, we would prove that Lisette embezzled and that Javier rigged the upcoming elections so that Lisette would inherit the “throne.” That part wasn’t announced to the public yet – just to those of us who thought we would all get somewhere under Javier’s leadership. And we were going to expose that too.

The War

The first riot was in July. Javier’s people came to our headquarters and started by lighting cars on fire – mine first, then Zara’s, and finally Emmett’s. They stole all of the identifying information in the cars before the fires started so that if they could assume our identities, they could register cars in our names – oh, and Javier paid off the DMV, too. We were all stranded and decided that while it wasn’t the safest place to stay, we couldn’t risk any one of us being alone, and decided to spend the night at our headquarters. The next morning we phoned our families and let them know we’d be staying there for a while, and we’d set up some sort of protection at their respective homes.

Javier knew no bounds – truthfully, he never did, and I just couldn’t bring myself to face that fact. I was too caught up in the dream of moving from First Advisor to a Commissioner – with the hope that I could “make it all better.”

“Leah, people don’t change,” my mother said when I was explaining my career aspirations.

But I couldn’t believe that. I kept up the fight. The next three days were free from any sort of attacks. We recruited a few new people, but Emmett was understandably weary of their allegiances. We required them to stay over at the headquarters with us and punch in on a time clock. They had a curfew and designated times that they could come, go, and even use their phones.

Three days following the car fires, Lisette showed up. I was sleeping, but the commotion woke me up.

“Emmett, please, you know I was always in your corner,” Lisette shouted. “You needed the help. You weren’t going to get yourself past Javier. Don’t you know I would have helped you? It sure seemed like no one else was stepping up.”

“How could I trust you when you went right back to kissing Javier’s ass once he swore he’d have you elected?” Emmett shouted back. “You did the deed, Lisette. Don’t even try to show me that you didn’t.”

The next thing I knew I felt a firm grip on my arm.

“Leah, honey, we have to move,” Zara whispered loudly. “You’re not safe. None of us are safe, but you really aren’t safe. She’s either going to come for you or blackmail you to join their side.”

“I could NEVER!” I shot up at this point.

“Shhh!” Zara grabbed my arm and we hustled out the back door, closing it with care to insure that Lisette didn’t hear us leave.

“Where are we going?” I asked, out of breath.

“As far as we can run,” Zara said. “She has a gun. Presumably meant to kill you.”

From the front room I heard,”What are you talking about, Lisette?” Emmett continued to shout. “I have all the help I need right here.”

“You KNOW what I mean!” Lisette bellowed. And then there was a pause. “If she thinks she can get away with defaming me–”

“She didn’t defame you,” Emmett said. “Somehow the tape grew legs and walked out of the office. I’m sure that’s how it happened. I’m sure Javier didn’t have a clue that you ran off with – what was it? – $2.5 million. What did he do, sneak in here in the middle of the night with some IT guy he paid off?”

Zara and I looked at each other and nodded. We pushed the door open.

“Javier knew it all along, didn’t he?” I shouted as the door slammed shut.

“Zara, get her out of here!” Emmett shouted over me.

“We couldn’t leave you here,” Zara said.

“And she says I have no help,” Emmett said, pointing at Lisette. He tried to hide his pride, but the worry for our safety clearly came first.

“So, why did you do it, Lisette?” I demanded. “How did it go, ‘steal the money and I’ll make you commissioner? It will be our little secret’?”

“Put your hands where I can see them!” Lisette shouted as she took the pistol out of her back pocket and held it over her head with two hands.

I put my hands over my head as time slowed to a crawl.

I never imagined that trying to change the world would end like this.

And then I heard them. Dominick came running with the new recruits behind him…

“Just WHAT do you think you’re doing?” I knew that voice anywhere. Javier, alone, burst through the door behind me and before I could think, I was on my hands and knees.

“Don’t you touch her, you jerk!” Dominick shouted over the brawling taking place between the new recruits and Lisette.

“You all think you got away with something,” Javier said as he breathed heavily. I’d only recently heard this voice come out of him – it wasn’t always this way. “You think you’re going to make it all better. I have news for you young idealists. Nothing is going to get better.”

I get to my feet. “You’re wrong, Javier.”

“Leah, don’t you know by now?” he answered. “I’m never wrong. Everything has gone as I predicted. I knew I didn’t want Emmett holding office with me so I created a situation that I knew would make him run out the door. I knew Lisette would go for the deal I offered her. And none of you are going to talk, because none of you ever do. You know you’ll lose your opportunity.”

“That’s what you think,” Emmett interrupted as he held up a voice recorder. “And we’re going to make sure this one stays put.” With that, he opened our wall safe and threw the recorder inside, locking the safe door with his foot.

“That proves NOTHING!” Javier shouted. “What are your minions going to do about it, Emmett? Expose me?”

“Maybe we will and maybe we won’t,” Emmett answered. “I think Leah has Dave on speed dial. She can get him over here in two seconds. What a press conference that’ll be!”

“You can’t do that, Emmett,” Javier whispered. “That’s against the law.”

“So is lighting cars on fire,” Emmett said. “Get away from here, Javier. Take Listless Lisette with you. Don’t come back. But wait. You won’t. Because you know that we know.”

I’m Being Asked to Pick Between Voldemort and Umbridge…and I’m Voting for Dumbledore: A Millennial’s Moral Guide to the 2016 Political Election

Author: Alli Jean, Current Events/Politics


Coverage of the 2016 Presidential Election has largely focused on the youth involvement in grassroots campaign efforts and the predicted turnout of young people at the polls come November. Since this group made up the demographic that largely contributed to Barack Obama’s historic 2008 win, much has been said about who this generation of young voters will support—and how; specifically, the momentum and excitement surround the Bernie Sanders campaign.

I’m Being Asked to Pick Between Voldemort and Umbridge… and I’m Voting for Dumbledore

Author: Alli Jean, Current Events/Politics

Coverage of the 2016 Presidential Election has largely focused on the youth involvement in grassroots campaign efforts and the predicted turnout of young people at the polls come November. Since this group made up the demographic that largely contributed to Barack Obama’s historic 2008 win, much has been said about who this generation of young voters will support—and how; specifically, the momentum and excitement surround the Bernie Sanders campaign.

As of March 17, the Washington Post reported that “Sanders has won the votes of more than 1.5 million of them [youth votes]. Clinton is second and Trump trails just behind, but the two front-runners combine for just 1.2 million votes — 300,000 less than Sanders alone.” What can explain this phenomenon, that a 74-year-old Democratic Socialist from Vermont has won the hearts and minds of young people? For a generation that is painted as being obsessed with Hollywood and celebrity culture, wouldn’t media-mogul and reality TV star Donald Trump be an obvious choice?

And why not Hillary Clinton, who would accomplish the historic feat of becoming the first female president — and has not only struggled to win the trust of young voters, but specifically young women voters? Perhaps the passion and support for the Bernie Sanders campaign can be better understood by comparing the current political climate to that of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series — an integral part of the coming of age process for so many millennials who grew up reading the series.

We were the first to anxiously hope we would get a letter from Hogwarts, wish we could play Quidditch, dared to envision ourselves competing in the Triwizard Tournament, were the first to cry when our favorite characters died and the first to cheer when Ron and Hermoine finally admitted how they felt about each other. Most importantly, we grew up knowing there was nothing that was more important than for Harry to finish Lord Voldemort once and for all—and stop the spread of his hatred and destruction. Voldemort was the definition of evil for the first Harry Potter generation…that is, until we met Dolores Umbridge.

Anyone with a moral conscience recognized the evil embodied in Lord Voldemort. He spoke about bloodlines and punishing those he deemed as being of “inferior birth,” calling them names like mudbloods and tearing families apart by murdering anyone he imagined would get in his way. Dolores was different.

The magical governing body, the Ministry of Magic and the media they controlled put Dolores Umbridge in charge at Hogwarts after Voldemort had come back to power. They were in complete denial of his return—and what Voldemort in power would really mean for the wizarding community. And in denying what was really going on, the Ministry promoted to power a woman who was equally as corrupt—and its members took almost a year to realize the error of their ways.

In the meantime, it was Albus Dumbledore who spoke the truth. It was Dumbledore who, after he was locked in prison for simply stating the truth about both Umbridge and Voldemort, inspired a group of young followers to risk their own lives in order to fight for what they knew was right. As Dumbledore reminded them, “It is important to fight and fight again, and keep fighting, for only then can evil be kept at bay though never quite eradicated.”

Still confused as to why this generation is fighting so hard to get Bernie elected? This movement is not just about him—it is a movement to end the widespread hatred and bigotry of Donald Trump and to prohibit the media and networks that support the Clinton Foundation from inaugurating the woman whose entire platform is directly controlled by those putting money in her pocket.

Whatever your political beliefs, millennials understand that the next leader of the free world cannot be a proponent of hatred, or a chameleon whose ideas are bought and sold—we need to elect a leader who is moral, honest and has been fighting for economic and social justice for all beings for the past 30 years, no matter how many were listening, simply because he knows it’s right. Since he called for those who believe in change to run for office and fight for progressive change, it’s been reported that there are over 12,000 people who have committed to run for office. Bernie’s Army will fight on…the revolution is just beginning



Disclaimer: The political views presented in this article do not necessarily reflect the views of Not Another Millennial Blog.