December 2016 Poetry Section

Author: Kristin Frappier, Literary Mag

Merry Christmas

Evergreen trees
Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer
Young and old waiting all year
Christmas cookies
Hot cocoa
Red Sacks
Ice skating
Stars are angels a top the train
Merry memories with family and friends
A search to find the perfect gift for the naughty and nice on your list
Silver bells ringing in the snow


Silver Bells

Sounds of the season.
In the dark a sound of hope
Love to hear them ring
Vanished only when the ringing stops.
Everlasting symbols of the season!
Ring with cheer
Bell of beauty
Evening under the stars
Lasting not loud
Serenity even in a snowstorm!

To My Love


You give me hope that can float!
You make my heart happy.
You make me feel like a butterfly who is bright who soars above all clouds!
These are the gifts you give to me at the holidays and beyond!
These gifts have no price tag or dollar value!
These gifts cannot be bought, sold or exchanged!
These gifts will be treasured forever!
These gifts make me feel rich with only a penny in my pocket!
All I want is you!

Dear Life

Author: Kristin Frappier, Literary Mag

Dear Life:

I am thankful for so many aspects of you.
I am thankful for heartache because it has shown me my true strength.
I am thankful for my friends and family because even when I am imperfect they are there.
I’m thankful for new adventures that test me in new ways.
I’m thankful for taking new chances that make me feel like I can fly.
I am thankful for my loving boyfriend who has the biggest heart I’ve ever seen, can make me laugh even if I don’t want to, and has a wish not to change me but for me to see myself the way he sees me.
I am thankful for my poetry because it provide me with an outlet that allows me to keep the smile on my face.
I am thankful for a new dream and to chase new opportunities.
I am thankful for dreams and goals because they are the things that keep me driven.

Monthly Poetry Section – September 2016

Author: Kristin Frappier, Literary Mag

I want to be

I want to be that song that makes you dance.
I want to be the song that makes you move your feet.
I want to be that force that makes you feel happiness that can’t be beat.
I want to be the window that brings the light into your life and keeps the storms behind the panes of glass.
I want to be the plane that helps you sore over mountains and treetops high into the clouds.
I want to be the fire in your heart and soul that helps you feel alive!


Beautiful days
Lovely views
In loving company
Sincerity simplicity



Seasons on Replay                                              seasons-158601_1280

The summer sun will be fun again. 
The thing is that spring will be a fling again.
Fall will be a ball again.
Winter will be chill again.
In a way seasons are like my favorite song on our iPod
they are on repeat and will replay.

Monthly Poetry Section – August 2016

Author: Kristin Frappier, Literary Mag

What You Mean to Me

You are the fire in the fireflies that light up the night sky.
You are the peace when my world gets flipped
You are the cool in the breeze that moves the trees.
My eyes see the world in more vivid color and beauty because you make me feel alive! When I hear your voice I know that you are in my conner.
When I am with you my fears take flight and my dreams shift info drive.
You must know here and now that I love you to the moon and back, around the sun and under the stars.
Who knows what track our adventure will take!
What a rush and what a ride!

letters-1293811_1280Dear Struggle

You are the things that tested my courage.
You are the scars that have history!
You are the cuts that have not me split me.
You have drawn a map with a longer path.
At some point along the way my heart has been like shattered glass!
You have been the darkest of days where I’ve had to rely on the line of my own spirit!
You don’t make me sad
You make me driven.
You make me strong even at my weakest point
You make me want to try until I fly!
Thank you…I am the most authentic me because of you!

Today is a Beautiful Dayprairie-679014_1280.jpg

Today is a beautiful day for a fresh start.
Today is a beautiful day to nurture new beginnings.
Today is a beautiful day to be kissed by the sun when the clouds shift!
With the right mindset every day is beautiful where anything is possible!

Monthly Poetry Section – July 2016

Author: Samantha Curra, Literary Mag

The Bridge

Dedicated to my Sister

The gap of dry muddy time
Has been my friend during the drought
The vacant holes inside my mind

I’ve always been a decade behind
Empty spaces filled with doubt
The gap of dry muddy time

Puzzle pieces are hard to find
When they are lost or are thrown out
The vacant holes inside my mind

I’m learning how to build and bind
The memories I’ve lived without
The gap of dry muddy time

I don’t regret what’s yours or mine
It’s something I’ve stopped thinking about
The vacant holes inside my mind

I’ve built a bridge to cross and climb
I no longer fear the drought
The gap of dry muddy time
The vacant holes inside my mind

2.jpgMy Carousel

The stampede gallops rampantly
Laughter whistles around the wind
I squeeze the reins tighter to tame my fear
Leaky eyes half open-half closed
Trying to view the blurry world
As the dizzy menagerie spins
Inside my carousel




1Wasting Time

Wasting time
I plan to unwind
I’m in the kitchen
pouring my wine
Skipped work today
Drinking away
The hours will go
But the buzz always stays
It’s nice to kick back
Just sit and relax
pouring glass after glass
As the time seems to pass
I sit on my ass
Wasting time