Monthly Poetry Section – September 2016

Author: Kristin Frappier, Literary Mag

I want to be

I want to be that song that makes you dance.
I want to be the song that makes you move your feet.
I want to be that force that makes you feel happiness that can’t be beat.
I want to be the window that brings the light into your life and keeps the storms behind the panes of glass.
I want to be the plane that helps you sore over mountains and treetops high into the clouds.
I want to be the fire in your heart and soul that helps you feel alive!


Beautiful days
Lovely views
In loving company
Sincerity simplicity



Seasons on Replay                                              seasons-158601_1280

The summer sun will be fun again. 
The thing is that spring will be a fling again.
Fall will be a ball again.
Winter will be chill again.
In a way seasons are like my favorite song on our iPod
they are on repeat and will replay.