January 2017 Poetry Section

Author: Kristin Frappier, Literary Mag


Honest excitement for what’s next
Open eyes to new opportunities
Possibility of building a complete picture puzzle
Eager to embark on new road



Determination to achieve
Respect for what is but always striving for what could be.
Endless evolving
Always there
Meaningless is no vision, hope or dream
Stainless is a dream even in times of defeat.



Trip Around the Sun


One spin
One ride
One life
Through showers of sadness
Through clouds of confusion
Through bright day of bliss.
Along the way curveballs may be thrown
And strikes may replace home runs
But as long as travel continues
We can make our own wild ride .

November 2016 Poetry Section

Author: Kristin Frappier, Literary Mag

No Pity Here

Pity is a form of charity.
Pity is for the downtrodden and brokenhearted.
The catalyst for pity is an appearance of “different.”
Others can pity the others, or you can pity you.
One can sit in the dark.
One can wallow and weep.
Pity is not a form of respect here.
It is an unwelcome donation!
Pity is given to those that have more baggage than most.
In most contexts, “I can’t” is the start of a negative phase, but in this case I can say it…
My legs are too weak to walk with your pity.
My hands are too full to hold your pity.
My arms are too short to reach your pity!
I am too proud of all I am accomplished in my life to let pity get me down!
I am truly happy with the life I lead, and with the people who cheer in my corner.
I am no politically correct phrase!
I am me!
I have had to be the explorer of my own path.
I have had to think quickly on my feet when encountering an obstacle.
I have had to use a flashlight, a map and a helping hand when things get hard!
Every time I fall, I am thankful that scrapes and bruises heal, and that pain does not stain.
After I cry, I am thankful that tears dry.
After a bad day, I am thankful that I can borrow the good for tomorrow!
I am thankful I can beg for a hug from the people who care about me most!
I never worried about what I couldn’t do, I would only worry about the things I could do that I did not.
I never say, “What if things were different?”
I always say, “Do not mess with what works”.
Life never took anything from me and I’m giving anything back.
The sale is final.
Anyone looking to pity me, please do one final thing with your pity and please return to sender!
No pity here.

dancers-33395_1280 (1).pngWhat do you say?

What do you say to someone who brightens your every day?
What do you say to someone who brightens even in your darkest day with just the sound of their voice?
What do you say to someone who understands that life is a rocky road?
What do you say to someone who loves you for you?
What do you say to someone who keeps your heart safe and at peace?
What do you say to someone who embraces you, all your hopes and all your dreams?
What do you say to someone who never lets you down?
What do you say to someone who never lets a day go by without letting you know how much you mean to them?
What do you say to someone who has forever made an imprint on your heart forever?
A simple thank you will never be enough!

Never Say Never


Never say never to the weak that find the strength to stand.
Never say never to the challenged who surpass the mark!
Never say never to the sun peeking through the rain.
Never say never to thunder in the snow!
Never say never to a broken heart finding love.
Never say never to a warrior who finds peace.
Never say never to the lost who find their way.
Never say never to the sad who find a smile.
Never say never to the lonely who find fulfillment.
Only say never to impossibility!

Monthly Poetry Section – October 2016

Author: Kristin Frappier, Literary Mag


A Promise
Level of ultimate loyalty
Winds of change can’t shake it!
A commitment
Yesterday, today, tomorrow.
Spoken from the bottom of the heart!


Inability to break
In storms of doubt


Rocks and Walls stone-981888_1920

Rocks are heavy and hard.
Rocks sink happiness.
Rocks cover the ground of dreams.
Walls are solid and thick.
Some made of stone.
Some are made of brick.
The walls around the heart can be high, made of pain and cracked by love.
The rocks and walls are defenses that crack before they crumble and become scattered on the ground.

Monthly Poetry Section – August 2016

Author: Kristin Frappier, Literary Mag

What You Mean to Me

You are the fire in the fireflies that light up the night sky.
You are the peace when my world gets flipped
You are the cool in the breeze that moves the trees.
My eyes see the world in more vivid color and beauty because you make me feel alive! When I hear your voice I know that you are in my conner.
When I am with you my fears take flight and my dreams shift info drive.
You must know here and now that I love you to the moon and back, around the sun and under the stars.
Who knows what track our adventure will take!
What a rush and what a ride!

letters-1293811_1280Dear Struggle

You are the things that tested my courage.
You are the scars that have history!
You are the cuts that have not me split me.
You have drawn a map with a longer path.
At some point along the way my heart has been like shattered glass!
You have been the darkest of days where I’ve had to rely on the line of my own spirit!
You don’t make me sad
You make me driven.
You make me strong even at my weakest point
You make me want to try until I fly!
Thank you…I am the most authentic me because of you!

Today is a Beautiful Dayprairie-679014_1280.jpg

Today is a beautiful day for a fresh start.
Today is a beautiful day to nurture new beginnings.
Today is a beautiful day to be kissed by the sun when the clouds shift!
With the right mindset every day is beautiful where anything is possible!