Wanna Be a Star? These Performing Arts Job Websites Are For You

Author: Mary Grace Donaldson, Career Advice

There’s a lot more to work in the performing arts than just the performing aspect of it. While there’s a lot of fun involved in life as a “theatre kid,” you don’t have to enjoy the professional side of theatre — or any other aspect of performing arts solely on the stage.

So, if you’re not looking to audition professionally… where are the jobs? Well, here they are.

While widely known within the local and professional theatre for audition notices, show notices and the highly famed BroadwayWorld.com Awards, Broadway World (or BWW) hosts its own classified section, listing jobs across a multitude of aspects of the performing arts from music production to theatres that need an internal accountant.

International Society for the Performing Arts
The International Society for the Performing Arts (ISPA for short) is “a global network of more than 450 leaders in the performing arts with representation from more than 185 cities and all regions of the globe.” With a network of that size, there are a lot of jobs available on the society’s website.

Supporting both the visual and performing arts, Artsearch hosts its own Art Jobs section on its site, listing relevant jobs across the country. Relevant listing categories include theatre, music and performing arts education.

Yes, that Playbill — the same people that create and publish the programs for Broadway shows has a job site. And it’s credible enough to claim the title of “Broadway’s #1 Job Site.” Right on the front page, you’ll see a plethora of jobs other than auditions — including Box Office and Sales Manager, Scene Shop Carpenter and Youth Theatre Director.

Ah, good old Indeed… with its great career advice and listings for truly any profession. Performing arts is no different — search the tag and you’ll find listings for Production Manager, Public Relations Associate for a theatre and Site Director for several different theatre schools.

Are You a Software Professional? These Job Sites Are for You

Author: Gauri Bhatia, Career Advice

So, like many millennials, you studied computer science or a similar field in college…or you took computer classes to expand your skill set…or you are just really innately good at navigating the technological world we live in!

You don’t necessarily need to have the first two backgrounds to find a job in the technological world. I work for a software company and yet, I have no official computer science or coding background. I have learned everything I need to know for work while on the job.

So, here are some websites with software and computer jobs to help you look for those dream jobs (whether “for now” or “forever”)!

General job search sites that include software jobs:


Glassdoor includes employee reviews, salary tools, etc. as well as job postings.
Software job listings: 400,000-plus


Indeedindeed Also featured in our list of Twitter accounts to follow, Indeed has over 100,000 jobs with new ones being posted every day! There is also an option to upload your resume and get emails with matching jobs.
Software job listings: 180,ooo-plus



Monster has an excellent section with career advice, in addition to the regular job searching tools.
Software job listings: 1,000-plus



It’s not just for those with jobs already — software or otherwise. It provides wonderful networking opportunities and job listings.
Software job listings: 390,000-plus


Local college bulletin boards
These can be physical or electronic. The software company I work for frequently posts openings to local boards.


The sites above list software jobs that aren’t as centered on formal computer skills, such as marketing, analysis (like what I do!), sales, etc.

The following sites are more startup and IT centric:


Dice has contract and permanent IT jobs. Over 80,000 of them at the moment!


tech crunch

Crunchboard has IT, startup and engineering jobs. They are the leading authority on startup culture. Pretty exciting!


TechCareers.comtech crunch TechCareers is the most technical skills-heavy site on this list. They have lots of great jobs to browse and apply for.


I hope that this information helps you get that job you are looking for. For more information on tech jobs you can get without a degree, check out this article from Forbes.

Good luck!