relationship meme

Relationships, as Told by Memes

Author: Mary Grace Donaldson, The Dating Game

Millennials, it’s important to be happy in your relationships. To love each other, to accept each other, to agree to disagree, and to make compromises for one another.

But, there are always some aspects to any relationship that everyone who is or who has ever been in a relationship can relate to — so relatable that they’re funny.


When you finally get totally comfortable with each other 

And you know that you’ll never be judged for anything, no matter how weird you are,
how ugly you look in the morning, or how gross your bodily functions can be.


When you know what will always stop a stupid argument

Reacting in the heat of the moment will do nothing. Screaming at each other will do nothing.
But, kissing, that makes both things stop happening, and is much more fun, too!


When you can’t wait to brag about your person

Sure, you’re a little nervous, which is completely normal.
But you’re only nervous because you want your friends to think
your S.O. is as awesome you think he or she is.


When yes, something is definitely wrong

And you may have to play a little 20 questions to try and find out the real reason for that face.
But, by this point, you know that face, you know what it means, and you know how to go about handling it.


When you’re not sure about PDA in front of family 

No matter how long you’ve been together, there usually tends to be an element of
“omg not in front of your parents!”


When you decide to move in together 

One of the truest testaments of a relationship — surviving Ikea together.
Moments like this make you realize just what different people you are.
But, this is what makes you love and respect each other even more.


When you’re in a long distance relationship and are tired of pretending
that there’s anything good about long distance

You can’t go out to dinner. You can’t spend all night Netflixing. You can’t see your significant other
whenever you want. Where’s the good in any of this? Unless you’re one of the few that below
that distance makes the heart grow fonder, there’s nothing at all good.


When this is all you want to do all day

Because you’re so comfortable with each other that there’s really no place you’d rather be.
There’s no need to go out clubbing or bars anymore. Why do that when
you can snuggle (and more) in bed all day?


And finally…

The basis of any strong relationship.

Single? These Memes Are for You

Author: Kerrin Frappier, The Dating Game

Memes. We love them. We save them. We tag our besties in them.

Images of animated frogs, beloved Muppets and favorite movie stars seem to be the perfect way to communicate frustration, disapproval and inside jokes. Especially for single millennials, there could be no greater tool to summarize our suffering and happiness (often at the same time) than memes.

Well, we’re all in this together… with a little help from these hysterical memes.

Those awkward attempts at flirting….

lion king.jpg


I don’t care what anyone says, flirting is hard, especially when you’re good at sarcasm and self-deprecating humor, rather than batting eyelashes and being the perfect blend of funny and warm. If you have the gift of flirt and the ability to make conversation about anything that comes to mind, bless you… and share your ways!

For many single people, trying to make yourself appealing to a person you are romantically interested in causes much anxiety. The one thing we must remember is: be yourself — be your snarky, messy, hardworking, driven, passionate, caring self (as you should when making friends, too).


Dating itself sucks 



Dating is hard work. Especially when it feels as if you are hitting dead end after dead end. Maybe you’ve gone through a difficult breakup or you haven’t found your “person” yet. Know that whatever you’re experiencing, your frustration is valid. You deserve someone who will make you happy and appreciate you for the person you are… that is certainly worth waiting for.

In the meantime, there’s Netflix, friends, tacos and wine.


When your family keeps asking why you’re single

why i'm single.png


How many of us have been trapped at a family gathering, forced to listen to people ask you if you are “seeing anybody…” and if you want to get married or remind you that “you won’t be young forever?” This torturous guilt trip which often compares you to your happily coupled cousins and/or siblings does wonders for one’s self-esteem!

Even shouts of “you’re so handsome/beautiful!,” “anyone would be lucky to have you!” only makes you feel as if you really are doing something to put off potential suitors! Worst of all, you may feel you have to pretend these comments are helpful and do not bother you. But we all know they do.


When your social media is filled with wedding announcements, baby pictures and new relationships 



In the age of social media, we are encouraged to only share with the world the best parts of ourselves. Seeing countless engagements, adorable newborn photos and sappy #WCW and #MCM posts all over every outlet does little to stop this trend of simultaneous over-and-under sharing.

That being said, we may not be able to appreciate the dedication, compromise and sacrifice it takes to make relationships work. While we may be sick of seeing these lovey-dovey declarations, it is imperative that we remind ourselves we are only seeing one side of a person’s life. We should not feel consumed by jealously because frankly, what we’re seeing is a filtered (don’t be fooled by those “no filter” tags!) version of reality. We should look up to the real relationships we see in every day life, the one’s that have made it through difficult times and are stronger because of it.


One is the loneliest number (sometimes)


We’ve all felt it: that sinking sensation that you are utterly alone and that no one would choose to spend the rest of their days with you. Now that we’ve admitted it, it’s so important to remember that you have a lot to offer and there’s a reason your friends, co-workers and family look up to you and enjoy your company.

Do not be discouraged when everyone around you is pairing up. You are simply waiting for someone worthy of you, your time and effort. Enjoy those weddings as a single person, and enjoy meeting other singles. Being single is nothing to be ashamed of!


Being single is kind of awesome


For those of us who are still single, we may complain about going on bad dates or getting no dates at all at times, but we also enjoy our independence. We can go out with our friends without the worry that we are leaving out someone and having one schedule to keep track of for important events sure is nice. We don’t have to share food or covers or worry about snoring. We can leave our homes a bit messy or keep them just the way we like them because we do not have to worry about someone else’s things.

This is the time to experiment and go on adventures! We “won’t be young forever” so why not take advantage of this free time? There’s that old saying “good things come to those who wait”… let’s make the waiting a little more fun!

You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out: Why A Christmas Story is Still a Classic

Author: Mary Grace Donaldson, Entertainment

Time to gather around, kids. It’s time for that yearly bacchanalia of peace on Earth and good will toward men.

If you recognize that line…chances are you’re a fan of the ever popular film A Christmas Story, which plays for 24 hours straight beginning at 8pm on Christmas Eve. Not only is it my all-time favorite Christmas-themed movie, but as TBS and TNT do play it for 24 hours, it’s a clear favorite for many millennials and non-millennials alike.

And there it is…part of why the film is still a classic. It’s been loved among fans for the past few generations since its 1983 release, though the film is said to take place in the 1940s.

My dad and my now 42-year-old cousin introduced me to A Christmas Story back when I was in middle school. We turned on the 24-hour marathon, I listened to my mom talk about just how much she hated the film, I laughed as my dad explained to me just how much he was like Ralphie as a child…and with just one viewing of the infamous “Be Sure to Drink Your Ovaltine” scene, I was hooked.

In the years that have passed since I first discovered A Christmas Story, I’ve found other cult fans, including one of my best friends – who did not know I was a fan when we first met. We now spend part of Christmas Eve trading texts with quotes from the film. We’ve also quoted it in public (our latest reenactment taking place at the local mall) and even attended a “lighting” of a recreation of the infamous leg lamp.

So, here we are again…like many other forms of entertainment, A Christmas Story is still a classic because it unites us. It gives us something to laugh about.

But, why do we laugh about these scenes? Because the film is relatable to a wide age range of people.

It’s relatable to my dad because he grew up in an era that more closely resembles the era in which A Christmas Story takes place than today does. It’s relatable to my cousin and to my best friend – who are both a bit older than I am and grew up in the ’80s when the film was first released. And it’s relatable to me because when I was a kid, I daydreamed with the same fervor that Ralphie did.

Whether it’s for the tradition of watching the same film over and over again leading up to Christmas morning, or for bonding with other cult fans, or for the laughs, or it’s (gasp!) your first time, tune into 24 hours of A Christmas Story this year.

I promise, you won’t shoot your eye out.