Twitter Accounts to Follow for Ambitious, Career-Minded Millennials

Author: Mary Grace Donaldson, Career Advice


Ah, Twitterwe love it, you sometimes love it…and clearly our President loves it, too.

But what if I told you that right on Twitter are a number of accounts to follow that will actually help you with your career, offering inspiration, and with directing you to leads on jobs?

Here are a few of our picks:

Why you should follow:
Chelsea Krost does not exclusively focus on careers for millennials, but she talks about and shares articles related to entrepreneurship, getting ahead at work, defining your brand and experimental marketing. Her #MillennialTalk Twitter chat, which also covers career-related topics for millennials on a regular basis, is also worth checking out every Tuesday at 8pm. It’s a great way to network, and who knows, maybe that’ll land you something.

Need another reason to follow? See Tweets here: 

Why you should follow:
Our friend Nicole Booz runs the GenTwenty blog and Twitter account — which showcases even more career related original articles as well as articles from other like-minded thought leaders. Relevant topics include job interview prep, personal development weaknesses and strengths, creating a positive work environment, and knowing when to quit your job.

Need another reason to follow? See Tweets here: 

Why you should follow:
According to her Twitter bio, Allison Cheston is a “NYC-based Career Advisor, Job Search and Marketing Expert, Millennial Leadership Coach helping executives and young adults discover, develop and advance careers.” What does she share articles and tweet about? Tips for recruitment, how to start an email or cover letter, and amping up your CV. You can tell she’s quite the expert — she’s been on Twitter since 2008 and has tweeted consistently.

Need another reason to follow? See Tweets here: 

Why you should follow:
Jobs2Careers shares content from its blog. Relevant topics include working remotely/telecommuting and recruiting. The account also is a regular (and active and engaging) participant in Twitter chats including the aforementioned #MillennialTalk, #ContentWritingChat, #BufferChat and #HootEssentials.

Need another reason to follow? See Tweets here: 

Why you should follow:
Indeed’s Twitter account is not solely meant as a promo for its website — it’s offering up career advice through tweets and shared articles, too. While it guides users to download Indeed’s Job Spotter app through several promos, it shares articles tying together politics and the job market, industry trends, and lists of jobs for particular niches and personality types. An important feature of Indeed’s Twitter account is the consistent use of info graphics.

Need another reason to follow? See Tweets here: 

Did we miss any of your favorites? Let us know in the comment box — or Tweet or email us!

Foo Fighters album cover

3 Current Bands With the Influence of the Beatles

Author: Danny Abriano, Entertainment


Before they took the world by storm, the Beatles were influenced by Buddy Holly and the Crickets (where do you think their name came from?), Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley, The Everly Brothers and more.

And while the Beatles would not have existed in the form they did without taking bits and pieces from those who came before them, they did an incredible amount of things no musicians before them ever did.

Before the Beatles, there had never been a band that had more than one talented songwriter. In fact, aside from Holly and Berry, nearly every popular act (Elvis among them) primarily covered songs that were written for them. No band before the Beatles played in the ferocious style they did. No band had a personality like theirs, and no band spoke out about world issues.

Even though the Beatles broke up in 1970, after evolving at a furious pace while recording 13 albums in just over seven years, the earthquake that was their musical style and influence continues to shake the world.

Here are three current bands who were influenced by the Fab Four in a major way:

Vampire Weekend:

The New York-based quartet, which will likely be a trio when they decide to release their next album, is known for their unique style that infuses pop with rock, african music, and lots of other elements.

And bassist Chris Baio has spoken about the Beatles’ influence on their style:

“They played extremely popular music but at the same time drew upon Eastern and Western sources,” he said about the Beatles. “Whereas today, rock music has killed itself by being so white bread. We’re trying to mix sounds that are old and new and sounds that are Western and that are not Western. I think that’s our vibe.”

What Baio is referring to is how the Beatles evolved after 1964, when Beatlemania gave way to the more serious group that churned out albums like Rubber Soul, Revolver, and Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

And while he’s often overlooked (but absolutely should not be), it was Beatles lead guitarist George Harrison — whose interest in Indian music and experimentation with the sitar — helped lead them down the amazing road they went down after 1964.

Vampire Weekend performs ‘Unbelievers,’ with the varied elements Baio alludes to:

Foo Fighters:

“If it weren’t for The Beatles, I would not be a musician,” Foo Fighters front man Dave Grohl has said. “From a very young age I became fascinated with their songs, and over the years have drowned myself in the depth of their catalogue. Their groove and their swagger. Their grace and their beauty. Their dark and their light. The Beatles seemed to be capable of anything.”

Grohl pretty much nails it, and let’s not forget that Kurt Cobain — the lead singer of Nirvana, who Grohl was the drummer for — idolized the Beatles, especially John Lennon.

So, if not for the Beatles, both Nirvana and Foo Fighters might never have existed. And that’s something I just don’t want to think about.

Let’s allow Grohl to wrap this up:

“Recently I showed my six-year-old daughter, Violet, the brilliant Yellow Submarine movie,” he said a few years ago. “It was her introduction to The Beatles, and she instantly shared the same fascination I felt when I was her age discovering The Beatles for the first time.”

Yes, the Beatles transcend age.

Dave Grohl performs the Beatles’ Hey Bulldog at the 2014 Beatles tribute:

The Weeklings:

Who, you ask? The Weeklings, who have members based in New York and New Jersey, The Weeklings play songs the Beatles wrote but never officially released, their Beatles-inspired originals, and many other Beatles cuts (from It Won’t Be Long to Baby You’re A Rich Man).

This band is so immersed in Beatleness that their recently-released second album, Studio 2, was recorded in the famed Studio 2 at Abbey Road, where the Beatles recorded most of their music.

It’s nearly impossible (unless you’re a total Beatles freak) to differentiate their originals from the lesser-known Beatles tracks they cover. And it’s a thrill to hear them unearth the gems the Beatles never fully produced.

If you’re in the New York City area, The Weeklings are in the midst of a residency at the famed Cutting Room, so be sure to check them out nearly every Thursday through the end of February.

Their ferocious show will not disappoint.

The Weeklings perform their Beatles-inspired original, Mona Lisa:

Strong Woman

When You’re Too Strong

Author: Michelle Ioannou, Real Life Stories


I have heard my entire life about how I’m a strong person. What can I say, growing up in a household with two wheelchairs can do that to a girl.

But what happens when you’re too strong?

Yes, there is such a thing as being too strong — or better yet, coming off as too strong. You’re confident in yourself, you don’t let the little things bother you, you don’t take anyone else’s crap, and you learn how to not need to rely on others, just to name a few examples. All of these may seem like great qualities to have, but sometimes, they can be taken out of context.

People perceive you as a bitch. 

When you come from a difficult life, you learn what really matters, and what doesn’t. It gets to a point where you don’t have the time, energy, or patience to deal with the little things. You’re not trying to be mean, you just genuinely cannot focus on the friend who is causing drama or the person who isn’t treating you right. You know that there’s more to life, and that things like this just aren’t worth it. You know when it’s best to just say “screw it” and walk away.

Furthermore, you learn how to stand your ground. You learn who and what is truly important to you, and you won’t hesitate to voice your opinion on it. A colleague disrespects you? You won’t hesitate to say something. A friend lies to you? Again, you won’t hesitate to say something. Someone cuts you off on the highway? You definitely won’t hesitate to beep and say something. You’re strong and confident and you let your voice be known.

Plus, in the words of Tina Fey, “Bitches get stuff done.”

People don’t think you need help.

Yes, you’re a strong person who can handle a lot on your own….but everyone can benefit from some help. However, when you’re a really strong person, people can forget this. They forget that they should check in when you have a lot on your plate or have just been going through a lot. People don’t realize that despite everything looking like it’s handled on the outside, a simple “how is everything today?” can go far.

Unfortunately, sometimes they may not even take your asking for help seriously. And all of this, in turn, just leads you to stop asking others for help and instead doing everything on your own. You become guarded — scratch that, you stay guarded. You don’t open up to people, and you stop expecting people to be there for you.

People forget you can hurt too. 

Being a strong person doesn’t mean that you’re immortal. You’re human too, and you will hurt at times. Yes, the times are not as common as they are for others, and yes these times are usually bigger instances, but man do they hurt. And they can hurt for a while. People sometimes can forget that even though you can handle a lot, it’s impossible for one person to be able to handle everything alone. And it’s impossible to not be affected by things.

In a weird, warped way, it’s even more painful when a strong person hurts because it doesn’t happen often. You’re stronger than this (duh). But sometimes, it’s just too much. And sometimes it’s just so wrong you can’t help but hurt.


Yes, all three of the above have happened to me. I’ve been called a bitch countless times after not dealing with drama and simply walking away. Or that time I didn’t hesitate to stand up for one of my friends when she was being wronged. And then there was that time someone tried to demean my work ethic. I stood up for myself — or separated myself — from all of those situations, in turn making me bitch.

And as for people not thinking I need help? Just recently I reached out to a good friend saying “I need help.” He legitimately didn’t take me seriously and not only didn’t help me, but proceeded to not reach back out to me. I know what you’re all thinking — he’s clearly not a true friend. But, he’s not the only one this has happened with, this is just the most recent example. People genuinely just don’t think you need help.

Finally, there’s the hurt. It takes a lot to hurt me, it really and truly does. In fact, I have some friends who have never even seen me cry or show any form of emotion. But, I  can still hurt. Recently I found out one of my best friends lied to me for weeks, and that stung like hell. It still stings if we’re being honest. But I’m only human, and humans unfortunately hurt at times. As much as I’d like to be an exception to that rule, I’m not.

Millennials, it’s okay to be strong. And honestly, it’s okay to be too strong. Just don’t let any of the above get you down. Know yourself. Know what matters in life. Know when you should stand up for yourself and for others. Know who your true friends are. Keep asking for help, even when people don’t take you seriously. You can’t do everything by yourself — hell, I know I can’t.

And if you need help from someone who gets the whole strong thing, I’ve got you.

The Best Pop Holiday Songs That You May Not Think of…of All Time

Author: Mary Grace Donaldson, Entertainment


You had to know we wouldn’t go through the entirety of the season without a discussion of holiday hits.

That said, this list (presented in reverse chronological order of song release) is as much about the particular artist in each case as it is about each song. You may notice the absence of more well known classics (cough, cough Jingle Bells) as such a plethora of recordings exist that it proves difficult to pick just one. While some of these selections are originals by that particular artist and others have been made and remade…in the remake cases listed here, certain artists just, well, nailed it.

Christmas All Over Again – Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (1992)

Featured on one of the first A Very Special Christmas albums back in the ‘90s (if your parents are as “into” music as mine are, they have a copy), Christmas All Over Again does not sound like a Christmas song…at first. While it gets some play on Sirius XM Holly, that’s not enough play for this classic that is bound to get any holiday party going. Ultimately, it’s classic Tom Petty – the same as American Girl is – with drums and guitar that are hard to forget.

Do They Know It’s Christmas – Band Aid (1984) 

The whole premise of the Live Aid concert is enough to make me tear up a little…and then, coupled with this gem – which is essentially a coming together of some of the best of the ‘80s (including Bono, Phil Collins and Sting) to support Africa – could lead me to a full-blown cry. I’ve found it gets more play than most of the others on this list. However, its apparent overplaying during late-November and December could almost take away from its true meaning. While nothing beats the original Band Aid recording in 1984, here is one of those rare cases when the remake (another coming together of artists to fight the Ebola virus, except the 2015 version featuring the likes of Kelly Clarkson and Bruno Mars) is almost as solid as the original. In both cases, the message is powerful – let them know it’s Christmas.

One Little Christmas Tree – Stevie Wonder (1967) 

Ah, Stevie Wonder, wizard of original Christmas songs that earn yearly radio play and frequent movie appearances…except for this one. Not to say that there is anything wrong with the scene in Elf where Buddy and Michael dance around the department store to What Christmas Means to Me, because there absolutely isn’t. But One Little Christmas Tree is special and sentimental. Similar to Do They Know It’s Christmas, it serves as a message of hope – one tree, which could be used as a metaphor for one person, can indeed light up the world.

If Every Day Was Like Christmas – Elvis Presley (with The Imperials Quartet and The Jordanaires) (1966) 

Elvis recorded a number of Christmas songs over the course of his career (turn on any FM station playing continuous holiday music and within five minutes you’ll hear his version of Here Comes Santa Claus). But If Every Day Was Like Christmas does not get even close to the airtime it deserves. I discovered it as a child when my parents and I would listen the famous Time-Life Treasury of Christmas ad nauseum, and is one of the standouts on the collection’s multi-disc (yes, disc, we’re talking 1986 here) set.

Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) – Darlene Love (1963) 

Here’s another example of a satellite radio favorite that doesn’t get enough play anywhere else. And yeah, Mariah recorded it too, but there’s no comparison to this original track, part of the famous A Christmas Gift for You from Phil Spector album that includes other favorites including the Ronettes’ Sleigh Ride (used in more movies than I care to discuss).

Listen to all of these greats right here:

#NAMB’s Office Holiday Party Survival Guide

Author: Kerrin Frappier, Career Advice


The holidays are upon us! We’re stringing up lights and sweeping up pine needles from the living room floor. We’re making lists and checking them twice, making sure to get the perfect holiday gift for everyone who has been so good to us all year long. We’re making traditional treats to share with those we love and watching movies and listening to songs that remind us of the magic of this special time of year.

As adults, we are also attending more parties than we ever did as children and one of those soirees in particular may require the use of a very special set of skills. Holiday office parties are an annual tradition and although your work party might not be as fun as Mr. Fezziwig’s post-work bash, we’re here to get you through the merriment in one festive piece.

Deck Yourself Out Accordingly 

Unfortunately, yoga and sweatpants have no place at holiday parties and as a professional, those beloved ugly sweaters are not appropriate office party attire. If your holiday party occurs directly after work, naturally, you would not be expected to change. Why not dress up your every day work wardrobe with holiday colors so you can go from cubical to cheery?

For those accessory fiends, a little sparkle never hurt nobody! If a costume change is possible, you should dress according to the venue of your office party; which means your favorite pair of dark-wash jeans might be appropriate! On the other hand, you could bust out your cocktail-wear and add a bright bow tie, pin, shoes, or jewelry if the situation calls for it.


Go Easy on the Eggnog

While some companies will provide vouchers for cabs or other transportation fares to curb drunk driving during the holidays, the presence of alcohol should not be an invitation to overindulge. A drink or two to unwind and revel in the start of the holiday season is fine. However, embarrassing yourself in front of your colleagues and boss and endangering your job is no way to celebrate! The steadfast rule of thumb for boozing at such an event is simple: drink responsibly! It is also your duty to cut off your faithful friends who are dear to you if they’ve enjoyed too much.

Mingle All The Way

Offices are a community of people working towards a common goal. These communities may be divided according to task but share in many of the same triumphs and failures throughout their time together. In celebration of this community, holiday parties are the perfect opportunity to come together and have a little fun! Habitually, we tend to stick to the tight knit circles of those we work with directly. We are most comfortable with those we spend time with on a daily basis, but members of different departments should not be ignored. Do not be afraid to mingle! ‘Tis the season!

The Most Wonderful Time Limit

Sure, we have all heard stories of wild holiday parties–the over-drinking, the hangovers, the gossip, the hook-ups and the unexpected announcements. Sometimes, though, holiday parties are dull. Other times, they come at a time when there are so many commitments and so little time to fulfill them all. Should your office party fall under any of these categories, here is a solution you can depend on: a time limit.

In accordance with party etiquette, it is customary for guests to wait until a meal as has been served, a speech by their gracious host has been given or party-goers have had time to mingle — as previously discussed. Returning to work the following morning, shopping lists to conquer, baking and cooking to complete and family traditions are acceptable excuses ready for your use! This way, you can snack and sip but not exhaust yourself — the holidays are a marathon, not a sprint.


Holiday Feasting

As millennials burdened with student loans, car payments, rent or mortgages and a sleigh’s worth of holiday gifts to buy, what could be better than free food? From light hors d’oeuvres to diet-breaking full course meals and decadent desserts, your party is sure to have something for you to munch on. Remember, you need to keep up your strength for the wrapping and decorating ahead of you. Not to mention, stuffing a cookie in your mouth to keep from telling off that one annoying coworker is a noble sacrifice. Let your diet go for the night and enjoy!

Gifts of Good Cheer

Bearing gifts to your place of work is a tricky business. Some offices hold “Secret Santa” gift exchanges or “Yankee Swaps,” which require you to bring one present for a member of your work family. Before you panic over the endless possibilities for error, be assured these festive ice breakers almost always have a monetary limit and people are usually kind enough to provide helpful hints for gifts (for themselves or others). During this season of giving, you might feel generous and choose a gift that would benefit the whole team. A collection might be taken up to give a gift to your boss or treat yourselves for all your hard work throughout the year. Give as much as you are able. After all, it is the thought that counts.

If you feel inclined to bring something that can be enjoyed right away — like food or drink — a few things should be considered. If the party is catered, you should follow suit and bring something packaged — like treats from your favorite bakery, a bottle of wine, a fine cheese plate etc. If it is a potluck-style grub-fest and you have the time you could whip up a holiday favorite of your own (or at least pretend to…Don’t worry, Santa won’t bring you coal for calling it “homemade”). Lastly, if you are the gift opener, be grateful that someone took time out of their busy holiday schedule to pick something out just for you. No one likes a Scrooge (not even his employees or his own family, remember?)

Whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Milad un Nabi, Festivus or the Winter Solstice, your holiday office party should be one less thing for you to worry about. Happy Holidays and a joyous new year to all!