Beauty and the Beast

Disney Movies Tried to Forewarn Us About the Future

Author: Michelle Ioannou, Entertainment

We all know that our beloved Disney movies are full of doom and gloom. Walt Disney lost his mother at a young age, which is why all Disney movies include a parent’s, or a grandparent’s, death in some way shape or form.

But, upon watching Disney movies as an adult, you realize that they’re filled with lessons on dating, life, adulthood, and much more. If only we had realized these things in our youth, maybe adulthood would’ve been much easier? Who knows for sure, but as they say, better late than never!


When Cogsworth blatantly showed us how fixing relationships really worked.


When Jasmine showed us that love should be the reason for marriage, not anything else, not even for money.


When Rafiki taught us all that no matter how hard we may try, we cannot in fact successfully run from our pasts.


When Genie tried to tell Aladdin that telling the truth is the only way to have a healthy relationship.


When Jiminy Cricket tried to tell us all that we’re going to face a lot of temptations in the future — ones
that we have to ignore and get through.


When we learned in heartbreaking fashion that those we love will die, our parents unfortunately included.
Death has no timetable, and can affect you at any age.


When Mulan explained why she felt the need to change herself — to be someone she wasn’t, in order to be accepted.


When Aladdin showed us the struggles of not having money, pretty much forewarning us all of
how much we will have to in fact work to pay off our student loans or our rent.


When Gaston showed us gender inequality at it’s finest.


When Buzz Lightyear told us that we will, in fact, be surrounded by idiots on a daily basis.


When Fairy Godmother tried to teach us patience, because miracles take time.


And of course, when Peter Pan forewarned us all that growing up does really suck.

The Job Skills I Learned on the Disney College Program

Author: Mary Grace Donaldson, Career Advice

By now, you’ve probably figured out that I’ve had a number of different work experiences. From working at home, to working in an office, to working in insurance, to working full-time and balancing a side hustle, I’ve learned different things from each one — and for that I’m grateful.

But while all of the above experiences had their unique qualities, none could have topped the experience that was the Disney College Program.

I joined the Disney College Program in August, 2011, following my college graduation the previous May. And while I am a life long Disney fan and park visitor (as evidenced by the photos I included in my piece on my life as an only child), there was nothing that could have prepared me for the fact that working in Disney was not all pixie dust.

Without further ado, here’s just a few job skills I learned while working crowd control on  Main Street, U.S.A….

You have no choice but to interact with your co-workers. 
Very often, especially in the parade situation that I worked in, teamwork was essential. As a Highly Sensitive Person I am often overwhelmed by big groups of people, but I had to learn to put that feeling aside when working a parade with 50 other staff members (or, as Disney calls them, Cast Members).


Your appearance matters. 
Not, of course, in a way that you can’t control — Disney has very strict policies regarding discrimination due to race, religion, creed, gender or sexual orientation. But they will be fast to give you a slap on the wrist when the “Disney Look” guidelines are not adhered to. I had to say good-bye to seven of the nine holes I have pierced between both ears while I worked in Disney World. I couldn’t paint my nails crazy colors, and a friend who had tattoos up and down his arms had to wear long sleeves on 90-plus degree days. While the rules for appearance are far from strict at my current workplace (I wear all of my earrings again), I always err on the side of caution when starting a job thanks to the Disney Look.

You learn to control your potty mouth. 
Yes, the rumors are true — Disney Cast Members aren’t allowed to so much as say “damn” when working in the parks. While we err away from using profanity in any #NAMB pieces, the rules here aren’t that strict.

You develop a brave face. 
Sometimes, your personal life wants to creep out during work hours. When working in a Disney Park and talking to guests, there was no time to show sadness. The priority was making guests happy — as in any customer service related job — but Disney service is legendary, and the Cast Members were (and still are) a reflection of that legacy.

While these realities may seem harsh to some (they did to me as a 22-year-old recent college grad with little “real world” experience), they come in handy in the long run. They are also not the be-all and end-all of the Disney College Program experience…don’t worry, there’s plenty of time for pixie dust, too.

Harry and Ginny

Love Disney, Harry Potter, or Star Wars? These Dating Websites Are for You

Author: Mary Grace Donaldson, The Dating Game

Are you part of a fandom? Don’t worry. We won’t judge you. In fact, I’m part of fandoms myself (Parks and Rec, Veronica Mars and House, M.D. to name a few). Fandoms are different for everyone, really — and for many of us they come as a result of particular films.

For some it’s Star Wars, for some it’s Harry Potter, for some it’s cult film classics like Home Alone or A Christmas Story.

As you can see, if you’re a millennial who is part of a film fandom, or any fandom, really — while you may be unique within your family or particular friend group –- you’re not alone (otherwise, there wouldn’t be a fandom)! But, if your fandom is highly unusual or uncommon within your family or social group, it could feel otherwise.

That said…what if I told you that there were places you could go to find dates…who were also part of your movie fandom? Such places do exist in the form of these dating websites.

Dating For Muggles

Harry Potter fans, I get it…you don’t want to admit that you’re a Muggle (in the sense that you’re a human and not, in fact, a wizard waiting for your Hogwarts letter). But feel free to admit it here, and join Dating For Muggles…where you could meet your Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, or Hufflepuff soul mate. While HP was a book first and foremost, it developed into an incredibly successful film franchise…and it definitely applies here.


Don’t forget — Star Wars is home to dating advice…but there’s a dating site out there for all of the fans in the galaxy. Touted as the “#1 Star Wars Dating Site, Period,” LFGDating offers “thousands of other Star Wars fans” as part of its dating network. While not only home to profiles from Star Wars fans, Star Wars is its biggest draw (or, at least, it appears to be).


As a self-proclaimed Disney addict (as I’ve previously mentioned, I’m in the process of planning my next Disney trip) I’ve saved my favorite for last. Fellow Disney geeks, rejoice – you can, as the site says, “find your Minnie or Mickey” at It goes on to indicate that “you don’t need to live near a Disney park to find someone like you.” And you get to talk all about Disney movies when answering the profile questions — making perfect for avid Disney movie fans as well as park goers.

Did we miss your favorite film fandom dating site? Let us know in the comments!