Dating Advice as Told by Star Wars

Author: Michelle Ioannou, The Dating Game

“I love you. I know.”

That exchange may be my favorite exchange in any film I’ve ever seen. I actually have a bracelet that says it that I wear everyday (have I established how obsessed I am with Star Wars yet?).

But yes, I am a complete and utter Star Wars nerd, and proud. I just recently got back from a trip to Disney World where, you guessed it, I frolicked all around the Star Wars area in Star Wars glory.

As I am still very much in Star Wars mode (okay, I always am) I give you dating advice found within the movies – well, all of the movies except The Force Awakens.


Just because someone’s scruffy-looking doesn’t mean that person doesn’t deserve a chance. raw.gif

Plus, that scruffy-looking nerf herder could be Harrison Ford. And you could end up marrying him and having a son. Moral of the story, don’t judge someone based on looks.


Don’t try to fight your feelings. Admit them before it’s too late.
One of you could die, and you will regret not saying anything, and this is how you’ll react. 


Basically, don’t be scared to tell the other person how you feel. You don’t want to live the rest of your life in a constant state of regret.


If they’re too toxic, you need to leave the relationship.19638810.jpg

Not everyone’s right for you, or a good influence on you. It may be hard, but you need to walk away from those people.


You can die of a broken heart.
(And no, I don’t want to hear you say that Palpatine actually killed her.)


I’m not going to elaborate further on this one.


Everyone needs a good wingman, no matter how old you are.tumblr_inline_nwj0miIgDa1sgm97w_500.gif

We all need that person who’s always there for us – whether it’s comforting us when we’re heartbroken or out at the bar forcing you to go talk to that person you’ve been staring at.


If you think she’s into another guy, just ask her outright to clear the air. It may be her brother.a5e4dcd13755aa5ae23bb73c884bbe63

Han straight up asks Leia if she loves Luke. She does – as a brother, because that’s what he is. Moral here? Don’t be jealous and sassy, just ask.


Speaking of, don’t kiss your brother. tumblr_lhnxkqsBWX1qz4u9io1_500.gif

I’m not going to elaborate on this either.


Admit your feelings, even if the person you’re in love with is constantly full of sass or too cool for school. 


Once again, don’t be afraid to admit your feelings.


And of course, you shouldn’t lose your sass either. giphy-1.gif

Gotta give it right back to him right?


If you don’t like romantic long walks on the beach, remember this line. 


There, no more cliche walks on the beach. You’re welcome.


True love will last throughout the years, even if you give birth to the next Darth Vader.


True love lasts despite any obstacles that may rise.


Actually though, after 40+ years, you can still love someone so much that you don’t want to see that person leave. tumblr_o0517kiGkU1qaboh9o1_540.gif

To repeat the above, true love lasts. And true love is still strong decades later.


And finally, find a man like Harrison Ford. giphy-1.gif

No elaboration here needed. Just look at that smile.