Monthly Poetry Section – August 2016

Author: Kristin Frappier, Literary Mag

What You Mean to Me

You are the fire in the fireflies that light up the night sky.
You are the peace when my world gets flipped
You are the cool in the breeze that moves the trees.
My eyes see the world in more vivid color and beauty because you make me feel alive! When I hear your voice I know that you are in my conner.
When I am with you my fears take flight and my dreams shift info drive.
You must know here and now that I love you to the moon and back, around the sun and under the stars.
Who knows what track our adventure will take!
What a rush and what a ride!

letters-1293811_1280Dear Struggle

You are the things that tested my courage.
You are the scars that have history!
You are the cuts that have not me split me.
You have drawn a map with a longer path.
At some point along the way my heart has been like shattered glass!
You have been the darkest of days where I’ve had to rely on the line of my own spirit!
You don’t make me sad
You make me driven.
You make me strong even at my weakest point
You make me want to try until I fly!
Thank you…I am the most authentic me because of you!

Today is a Beautiful Dayprairie-679014_1280.jpg

Today is a beautiful day for a fresh start.
Today is a beautiful day to nurture new beginnings.
Today is a beautiful day to be kissed by the sun when the clouds shift!
With the right mindset every day is beautiful where anything is possible!