Leslie and Ben

Dating Advice as Told by Parks and Recreation

Author: Mary Grace Donaldson, The Dating Game

Many millennials love Parks and Recreation (or, Parks and Rec, as it’s often referred to). Leslie Knope is a fan favorite character, but there are a number of secondary characters on the series who are relatable, for millennials and for truly anyone who has worked in an office. With a relatable sitcom inevitably comes relationships, and in turn, dating advice.

Without further ado, here’s a bit of relationship and dating advice, as told by Parks and Rec.


First of all, don’t camp out in a tent outside your ex’s home.

in the pit.jpg
Or…live in a dirt-filled pit when you’ve been kicked out of the once happy home you shared with your significant other.
Basically, don’t turn into turn into someone who sings Every Breath You Take on a regular basis.
When it’s time to go, it’s time to get out, move on and pull yourself together, even if it takes a while.


Don’t forget to celebrate Galentine’s Day.

galentines day.gif
While dating is important, your friends are equally if not more important. Keep them close. Remember that you can always lift each other up when you’re down, that it’s okay to be single and to never settle. And even if you don’t have a significant other to spend Valentine’s Day with, you can always spend it with your friends.


Be with someone who you can say “I love you and I like you” to.

Because love and hate are often far too close for comfort.
That, and it helps if you actually get along and are compatible with your significant other.


Don’t invite your ex along to be the third wheel on a date, or… allow said ex to invite himself (or herself).

A lot could happen that you may not expect to happen…


Be with someone you don’t have to be an adult with.

Hold your wedding in your living room if that’s what floats your boat (with the groom wearing his favorite football jersey).
Go to Bed Bath & Beyond and purchase all of the utterly useless As Seen on TV items that you can together.
Embrace your inner child together. Know that it’s okay to be you.


        Encourage your significant other to pursue his or her dreams.

Even if that dream involves working on a political campaign in Washington, D.C. for six months, miles away from you.
If it’s truly love, you’ll figure it out.


If someone feels like he or she was the one, don’t avoid that person for the rest of your life.
You never know…you could end up running into each other, falling back in love, and setting off on an unparalleled adventure quest.