Author: Gauri Bhatia

13266077_10102353915067407_6169464057531006662_nGauri, if she had her way, would be writing for Not Another Millennial Blog from one of the 120 (out of 196) countries she has yet to visit! In reality, she is a Business Analyst for a Software Company in Melville, which is “intellectually stimulating, but socially mundane”. Gauri holds a Masters Degree in Global Affairs from New York University and a Bachelors Degree in Economics from Boston University. While traveling the world (usually with her absurdly adventurous parents #sorrynotsorry), she can usually be found championing for underprivileged women and children’s rights in third-world countries. In her free time, she enjoys dispensing budget travel advice to other millennials with rampant wanderlust. She can be counted upon to extrapolate on a number of subjects to a varied audience, so she is looking forward to applying those talents to writing!

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