Why #NAMB?

What is the millennial stereotype?
Search any millennial-related hashtag on Twitter and you’ll find the good, the bad and the ugly. You’ll about how millennials are lazy and how millennials are entitled. You’ll even read about how millennials don’t want to work and instead, supposedly want to do nothing.

They say we’re glued to our smartphones non-stop (yes, our phones are in our hands, but we know there’s a time and a place for everything). They say we’re glued to our parents. We’re uninformed. Disinterested. Special Snowflakes. Are you getting the picture?


Well, why NAMB?
Not Another Millennial Blog was born because we grew tired of listening to people of all generations use these negative stereotypes in conversation. We’re sick and tired of reading the anti-millennial articles, filled with the gloom and doom stats about how we can’t get jobs because we don’t try hard enough, or how we’re labeled as “generation crybaby.”


So, how is NAMB defying the stereotype?

  • We’re bearing our souls through real life stories. We’re showing that we’ve had wonderful experiences for which we are grateful – and heartbreaking experiences that will stay with us forever. We’ve dealt with real life, we aren’t afraid of it, and we’ve learned from it.
  • We’re proving that millennials are well-informed on the issues affecting not just our nation, but the world. Our opinions are based in research from legitimate, renowned sources and we are determined to look at and analyze all views. We care about movements that are bigger than us.
  • We’re helping other millennials further their career aspirations. Our career advice is born from our mentors and our own work experiences. We genuinely care about the welfare as well as the ambitions of our readers. We want all millennials to defy stereotypes – including the negative idea that millennials don’t have jobs.
  • We’re adults helping adults with…adulting. Some of us have specific experience with particular life skills and we’re ready to share our expertise. As long as we help each other and show that we are, in fact, adults who are capable of taking care of ourselves.
  • We’re reviewing music, movies, television and books – but we’re also enjoying entertainment in all forms. We’re not sticking to media that is generally associated with millennials, but we’re not afraid to admit our love for 90s pop at the same time. Everyone has different taste, and we’re here to explore all of it.
  • We’re examining the reality of millennial dating head-on. It’s a different culture out there than the dating culture our parents grew up with. We can subscribe to it – if we want. It’s our choice, and we want to help other millennials conquer the dating scene – if they choose to, of course.
  • We’re embracing creativity through original poetry and short stories. Millennials are filled with great artistic talent, and we want to give them a place to express themselves.


Help us defy the stereotype. Help us end the stigma surrounded by millennials. Tweet us how you’re defying the stereotype. Comment on our articles by telling us how you relate to them. E-mail us and share what you’ve done to end the stigma. Together, we can show the world how hard-working, passionate, and intellectual millennials are.