Game of Thrones

Career Advice as Told by Game of Thrones

Author: Danny Abriano, Career Advice

Game of Thrones is not only a once-in-a-lifetime show, but one we can learn a lot from. From the struggle of power to the characters to The Game of Thrones, we all learn a thing or two that we can carry over into the workplace. Keep the dragons at home, though.

Never be afraid to speak your mind
The Game of Thrones isn’t one for the timid, and neither is the workplace. That isn’t to say that you should speak out of turn (it won’t get you beheaded out the workplace, only fired). But, you shouldn’t ever hesitate to calmly and coherently let your opinion be known, much like Tyrion advises Dany and Varys advises all. Your thoughts matter, and they can sway decisions.

Embrace new ideas
In the fantasy world of Thrones, seemingly nothing is impossible. Dragons soar and breathe fire, slaughtered heroes are brought back to life, people change faces, and so on. In the workplace, a common refrain is “adapt or die.” And as we get further and further into the digital revolution, it’s important to embrace new ideas not only in that realm, but in others. Make yourself indispensable.

Be relentless
In Thrones, it’s important to be relentless when it comes to your beliefs, when you’re in battle, and when you’re going after someone you love. In the workplace, that relentless nature needs to be used to not only establish yourself, but to impress those above and below you. That doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be a work/life balance. But when you’re at work, be sure to lead by example.

Try not to mix business and pleasure
Yes, workplace romances “can” work out. But, they ordinarily don’t, and the result is not only an awkward situation between colleagues, but some messy visits with human resources. Take a lesson from Daario, who fell in love with Dany, and was left behind. Keep it professional.

Take what’s yours
As the players on Game of Thrones vie to be ruler of the realm, with many claiming that rightful title is theirs, they battle for that claim. You have to do the same thing at work. Is someone trying to take credit for something you did? Speak up. Are you the one who deserves that promotion? Prove it. Is there a project you know you can slaughter? Take charge and say so.


The battle at the workplace, much like the battle for the Iron Throne, is not for the timid. Act accordingly. But watch out for land mines along the way.

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