5 Timeless Life Lessons From Game of Thrones

Author: Danny Abriano, Entertainment

HBO’s massive hit, Game of Thrones, is a cultural phenomenon. There are many reasons for that, including the incredibly complex but addicting story, the performances of the actors and actresses involved, and the moments that make viewers gasp. But one huge thing with Thrones is that it resonates. While it takes place in an alternate world that would’ve been thousands of years ago had it actually existed, there are lots of themes that are timeless.


Love is love
In Thrones, love is love. Even if it’s between a high-born imp (his word, not mine) and a prostitute, an afflicted Knight and a Dragon Queen, someone who is already sworn to another and a woman he falls in love with via happenstance, or brother and sister. Okay, we’re drawing the line at brother and sister, though Thrones doesn’t. The point? In love, you need to go for it. Regardless of what anyone else thinks and regardless of the kind of person you have fallen for.

When it comes to power, size and gender don’t matter
There are more female characters on Game of Thrones who are powerful in mind, body, and actions than male characters who have the same traits. As is still the case today, which is absurd by the way, the female characters have to stand up for themselves and bust stereotypes along the way. Aside from the powerful female characters is the imp (again, his word, not mine), who may just be the smartest and most impactful character on the show.

Always think ten steps ahead
This can apply in any aspect of life, big or small. On Thrones, it could mean the difference between being stabbed in the back (literally) or surviving to live another day. In life, it could mean the difference between getting a promotion you’re going against a colleague for or being left in the dust. Thrones not only teaches us that things aren’t always what they seem, but that things can change in an instant. Don’t get left behind.

Humor is needed
Bracing for an invasion that might lead to your demise? Have a drink and laugh. Locked in a cell with a minuscule chance of ever seeing the light of day as a free person again? Crack a joke and smile. If Thrones characters can find humor during those times, we can do the same during much less stressful ones. Unless you’re actually facing an invasion or in jail (if you’re reading this from jail, at least you have internet access), try to inject a bit more humor into life.

Expect the unexpected
Life can change in an instant. And on Thrones, more important than what happens (assuming you survive what happens) is how you react and adjust after. On Thrones, it’s not about what happens to you that defines you, but how you respond. The same applies in the very real universe we live in.

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