Stay in Touch With Your College Professors

Author: Michelle Ioannou, Career Advice

The final is over. You want to run out of the classroom and never set foot in it again. We all know that feeling. But, don’t waste this opportunity — don’t just burn a bridge with your professor.

Professors are great people to add to your network. And college is a fantastic time to start adding to that network. The class you took in college should be the first step to cultivating a professional relationship with your professor. Why?

They’re experts¬†
Whether or not they’re experts in the field you want to go into, they know what they’re talking about (for the most part at least). Use this to your advantage. Don’t be afraid to ask them how whatever topic the course is on can help you in your professional life down the line. Especially if they are in the field you want to go into, pick their brain even more. Find out everything you need to know, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

They can be your references
Chances are if you’re applying for your first job, your list of professional references are slim. But, professors can vouch for your demeanor and work ethic. List them. Establishing a relationship with them will let them take that recommendation one step further, resulting in them being able to truly attest to how you should get that job.

They have contacts
And their contacts can become part of your network as well. When your network becomes bigger, your opportunities become bigger. Plus, one of their contacts can have your dream job, or help you on the path to reaching your career goals.

They know of job openings
Former students reach out to their old professors all the time with job openings. If your ex-professor is aware that you’re looking for a certain job, and one comes across his desk that could be a great fit, of course he’s going to send it to you. They also have friends in various fields, who will know of job openings as well.

They can help you professionally
College professors know about the transition from college to the real world. They know that they are preparing their students for more than just passing tests. Ask them to review your resume. Ask them for their opinion on your cover letter. Ask them where you should be looking for jobs. They just may know more than you think.

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