Life Lessons From Hamilton

Author: Mary Grace Donaldson, Entertainment

There are many reasons why Hamilton is the Broadway musical it’s impossible to get tickets for.

Even two years after it’s debut on the Great White Way, the wait for tickets that cost less than your monthly car payment is still to be determined. And the tickets that cost the same as your rent are even few and far-between. Why? Because Lin Manuel-Miranda brings American history to life in a way that only he can through his remarkable performance and original music. Hamilton is bound to touch you and teach you a few things, and not just in the way of history.


Don’t forget who you are or where you came from. 

Remembering your humble beginnings will remind you of just how far you’ve come
(even when you’re rich and famous one day).


Not every piece of advice you’ll receive is good advice.

Sometimes you just have to take it with a grain of salt — and remember where it’s coming from.


Never throw away your shot. 

If it makes you happy and fulfills you, go for it. Always go for it.


And in that same vein, don’t give up on what you’re passionate about. 

No matter how ridiculous it may seem.


…but, don’t expect everyone to understand. 

Because to everyone else, it’s possible that it seems ridiculous. And they’re allowed to their opinion.


Love and hate are opposite sides of the same coin. 

(This doesn’t really require explanation, does it?)


Sometimes, we can all use a good reality check. 

Even when it’s not something we necessarily want to hear.


Even when you don’t realize it, someone’s always watching what you do. 

Whether it’s in real life or on social media, whether it’s your family or some little
kid who you don’t even know exists — people are watching. So, make it good.


And you have no control over…

… who lives, who dies, who tells your story.

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