Stop Going After the Boy Who Ignores You

Females, it’s time for some dating advice: We need to stop wasting our time wondering why he’s not texting. We need to move on from the guy who ignores us.

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When it comes to dating, what is it about wanting what we can’t have? What is it about the chase? Why do both of these things thrill us, rather than the genuinely nice guy who goes out of his way to text us? Why are we forever obsessed with the guy who doesn’t text us back?

Fellow females, we need to stop this. We need to stop blowing up a guy’s phone when he stops answering. We need to stop wasting our time wondering what he’s doing and why he’s not texting us. We need to move on.

He’s doing something he doesn’t want you to know about
And how is that okay? If he’s not dating another girl, there’s a solid chance he’s doing something he doesn’t want you to know about, or he’s doing something that he knows you wouldn’t be okay with. And if he’s keeping secrets and not being truthful, how is this relationship supposed to grow? It’s literally not possible for it to.

Another girl may be involved
Blunt, but likely true. But if he’s entirely MIA and hasn’t told you where he is, there’s a very good chance he’s with a female. Or texting another female. Regardless, someone else is involved. Obviously he will not be texting you back if he were with someone else, and obviously, he’s also not worth your time if this is the case.

He’s just over it
Ah, a good old ghosting. Why is ghosting a thing again? Instead of having an awkward, painful, “I’m not into you anymore” conversation or an “I don’t see this going anywhere” conversation, ignoring sometimes happens. It’s easier for people who are dating to just stop responding, rather than say how they really feel. No, it’s not okay. Yes, it sucks. But if he’s ignoring you, it’s unfortunately become a common reason.

He’s not worth it anyway
Why do we want someone who doesn’t even give us the decency of a response? We shouldn’t. We should be with men who want to speak with us, and who would never ignore us, no matter what. If he’s ignoring you, he clearly doesn’t think you’re worth his time, and he shouldn’t be worth yours, either.

Don’t come off as desperate
Yes, sending those ten texts in a row may give you a sense of satisfaction… for approximately the first 60 seconds. Then you realize how psychotic and desperate you actually come across as. Don’t let anyone cause you to get to that point. Reacting in the heat of the moment will do more harm than good.

He’s consuming your mind, when he shouldn’t
If you sit there and start wondering why he’s not texting you back, your mind will start getting consumed by many different scenarios in your head. Don’t get lost in your own head, and don’t let a boy take control of your thoughts. What good is this going to do anyway? None. It’s not going to do any good, except get you worked up and upset.

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