Stop Reacting In The Heat Of The Moment

As we get older, we need to stop having heat of the moment reactions. They rarely lead to anything good, minus added stress.

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It’s so much easier said than done, I know. But we need to stop reacting in the heat of the moment.

Again, it’s really hard at times to keep our mouths shut. It’s hard not to react right away. And it’s hard not to automatically get defensive. But, reacting in the heat of the moment does more harm than good. Walk away from the situation for the time being, and then go back to it after things have cooled off. Otherwise…

Your defenses are up
When things are reacted to in the heat of the moment, it tends to become more about defending yourself and proving you are right rather than the real issue that’s at hand. You will spend more time going on and on about how you’re right and they’re wrong, than talking about what’s actually going on. Everyone gets defensive, and in the heat of the moment, defenses are stronger than normal.

Things will be said that aren’t meant
We’ve all been there. We’ve all been offended, or maybe even called a name, and our immediate reaction is to yell, scream, and call names right back. More often than not, none of the things screamed will be true, and will solely be said to hurt the other person. You’ll call someone a name you don’t mean. Heck, you may even make up a lie solely to stick it to the other person. All things that shouldn’t be said will likely be said.

Nothing will get resolved
When two people are coming at something with hot tempers, it’s nearly impossible to reach a compromise or come to a solution. You’ll just be wasting your energy, riling yourself up, and giving yourself a sore throat from screaming. If you truly want to reach a solution, it has to come from a calm conversation when both parties have cooled down.

You’ll just get angrier 
And getting angrier truly will not resolve anything, minus leading to you getting agitated and raising your blood pressure. Self-care, guys, remember self-care. There is no reason to be amping yourself up. There is no reason to be staying in a situation that causes you stress. Just walk away from the situation, and address it when your blood pressure is back to normal.

If you wait, you’ll have a different perspective
Your view of things is naturally cloudy when you’re reacting in the heat of the moment. You tend to only see anger and many other negative emotions. I can guarantee you, however, that if you give it some time, even just an hour or so, you’ll be back to reacting to the situation from a whole new perspective. You’ll see the other person’s side, or you’ll see that what you were arguing about wasn’t really worth it to begin with. Looking at things from a different angle, especially when you’re in a calmer state of mind, will make all the difference.

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