Game of Thrones is a Once in a Lifetime Show

Author: Danny Abriano, Current Events/Politics

If you don’t watch Game of Thrones, the thought of taking in six seasons — the season-seven premiere is this Sunday on HBO — in order to catch up could possibly scare you off. But it shouldn’t. And when you do, you’ll realize why Game of Thrones isn’t over-hyped or overrated. It’s all it’s cracked up to be.

It can’t be defined
And this is a good thing. Even if you’re typically not a fan of fantasy — a theme Game of Thrones definitely pulls from in a major way, you’ll enjoy. But the show is so incredibly real and raw that it never seems like you’re in a fantasy. We know dragons existing isn’t possible (right?) but we believe it anyway. No matter how crazy things get, nothing ever seems beyond your belief. And that’s because of how the story unfolds.

It will draw you in and not let go
Since this has to be safe for those who have never watched Thrones, I can’t give anything important away. And I won’t. But the way the characters are fleshed out grabs you, as does the way they can be taken away (it’s no secret that Thrones is filled with death, both for big characters and small). The filming locations and cinematography lead to an incredible viewing experience, and the flow of each episode is close to flawless.

It’s nearly impossible to be indifferent to a main character
One of the main reasons people fall in love with Thrones is because those who watch become enamored with so many of the characters — whether you love them or hate them. Part of the reason for this is the way the characters are written by author George R.R. Martin, and part of it is the acting, which is extraordinary. To put things in perspective, out of all the main characters, I can think of only one who I didn’t have a strong reaction to. And even his demise — and the path that led to it — impacted me.

It will shock you. Often
It’s hard to write this without giving any key plot points away, but… imagine sitting at a picnic in a town where nothing bad has ever occurred. You’re eating, singing, and enjoying the company of your friends and family. Out of nowhere, the music stops and the sky opens up and swallows everyone you’ve ever cared about. That kind of thing happens on Thrones. And when it does, it will leave you speechless.

It defies stereotypes and breaks barriers
Want to see a five-foot tall girl turn the tables on and proceed to dominate a warrior in an era when women were viewed as objects? Watch Thrones. Aside from empowering women, Thrones removes all sexual stereotypes. Straight, gay, or bisexual, Thrones characters have a voice. And they’re all a vision of strength. And then there’s Tyrion Lannister, who is known as the ‘half-man,’ but who may very well be the most powerful character on the show.

It will make you laugh
Really, it will. I can actually name a character now, since telling you about him won’t give anything away. Tyrion, the “imp” played brilliantly by Peter Dinklage, has some of the most amusing lines of any character in television history. And sometimes just his demeanor is enough to add some levity to a show that’s filled with so much bleakness. For the most part, it’s Tyrion who adds the levity. And that’s a good thing, since he’s featured in nearly every episode.

It will leave you wanting more
We’ve all watched shows that we enjoy but are a slog at times. That’s never the case with Thrones. And while each episode is around an hour long (with some of the season finales are a bit longer than that), it never feels like time is going slow. And when the episode ends and the screen fades to black, the 45 or so seconds where you have to wait for next week’s preview seem interminable.

So, are you convinced?

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