I Drive a Prius and Listen to Rap… So?

Author: Nicole Chininis, Real Life Stories

Yes, I own a Prius.

When I purchased my car, I was driving 50-plus miles to get to work every day, and another 50 on the way back. It made sense for me to get a car that didn’t drown me in gas money. It’s light blue and I named her Flo. Flo is cool most of the time, but when you put the GPS on she sends you on a wild goose chase because her system hasn’t been updated since 2008. Waze FTW.

I also really, really, really love hip-hop and rap music. Drake is my booooooy. Last summer, when One Dance was massive, I remember driving with my windows down and BLASTING the song so loudly that my car was practically shaking. I pulled up to a stop sign and looked to my right. Two people were standing on the corner just staring at me. I got embarrassed because I realized why they were staring: I was a white girl driving a Prius, blasting my music like I was driving anything BUT a Prius. I shouldn’t have cared because, WHO CARES, but I turned down my music and went on my way.

On any given day, you might find me listening to rap, Broadway, folk, reggaeton, salsa, or flamenco, so I can’t tell you why I got so embarrassed. My car does not define me, but sometimes I feel like it puts me in a specific category.

I don’t drive like a grandma and I listen to whatever I want to. If I feel in the mood to listen to Chance the Rapper or Hamilton, then fine. But so many times I hear people talk badly about Priuses, more specifically the people who drive them. If my car doesn’t define me, why do I sometimes feel embarrassed by it?

I don’t fit in a box at all. I try to appreciate things for what they are.

Yet, somehow we all find ourselves being put into categories because of the clothes we wear, the music we listen to, the cars we drive, the color of our skin. We try not to let things bother us, but they do. Sometimes it’s for things we can’t change and sometimes it’s for things we can.

Honestly, why should we want to change things just to appease other people? Life gets BORING that way. I need to learn that my likes are my likes, and I shouldn’t be defined by one of them. No offense, but I don’t really want to be like you. I want to be me and do things that make me happy.

It’s not easy. Society tells us how we should act and what we should like, and we often fall for it. I’m not saying this is bad, either, but we need to remind ourselves that just because someone tells us something is cool, it doesn’t necessarily mean that’s the case. My Prius is really cool, guys. Trust me.

So next time you see a light blue Prius driving down the street blasting Jay-Z’s new 4:44 album, it’s probably me and Flo. Feel free to wave, but I probably won’t hear you because my music will be too loud.

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