Bandits On The Run Are a Truly Special Band

Author: Danny Abriano, Entertainment

It’s not country. It’s not rock. It’s not pop. It’s not soul. It’s an awesome combination of all four genres, plus touches from a bunch more. And it’s what makes Bandits On The Run so special.

Why should millennials listen to them? Well…

The trio, which performs as a quintet often in order to pack more punch, started out by playing in subway stations in New York City — often in Brooklyn. And after they started winning the hearts of New Yorkers with their unique sound, they launched a Kickstarter to fund their debut LP, which just came out.

The LP, The Criminal Record, has eight tracks, of which the moods and styles run the gamut. And the lyrics on each are both catchy and witty.

The Bandits — Roy Dodger, Clarissa, and Bonanza Jellyfish (their stage names) — bring a kind of controlled, frantic energy (if such thing exists) to their songs. And while their energy is apparent when listening to their LP, seeing them live brings it up several notches.

When you see the Bandits live, they transform you with their angle and stage presence. Each of their shows is a ‘musical stickup,’ complete with cowboy narratives, bandanas, and little skits that pop up throughout. While the music is more than enough to thrill, the other elements sprinkled throughout their show make things even better.

Odds are that you’ve never heard of Bandits On The Run, which means you’ve never heard any of their songs. That should change. And when it does, I guarantee you’ll be hooked.

Roy Dodger plays guitar, often acoustic, while Bonanza Jellyfish plays the cello and Clarissa displays her talents by using a number of different percussion instruments. As noted above, the band is often filled out with a bassist and drummer.

As far as the vocals go, three-part harmonies are a big part of the Bandits’ sound, and each member of the group has songs where they’re featured as the lead vocalist.

The Bandits ordinarily tour in and around the five boroughs of New York City, but they venture to other spots often. For a full list of their upcoming shows, head here.

The group is an example of perseverance and hard work paying off.

A taste of Banditry as the group plays Loser, from The Criminal Record

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