Are You a Married Millennial? Here Are the Podcasts for You

Author: Kerrin Frappier, The Dating Game

It’s a tale as old as time — two people meet, they fall in love and eventually they might decide to marry.

For millennials, dating and socializing in the 21st century has its setbacks but also its advantages. Marriage for millennials is no different. One such advantage is the various outlets for advice and discussion available to millennials. Here are some inspiring, thought-provoking and down-to-earth podcasts married millennials should have a listen to.


hitchedAs is commonplace on many podcasts, this show presents its audience with new topics and guests contributors every week. Recent topics include: “dealing with resentment..”, “managing time and your marriage” and “how to improve your marriage with technology”.



I Do Podcast
I_DoCatered toward “young couples”, this bi-weekly podcast is brought to you by a married couple and the relationship experts they interview. They dive into such topics as “how Netflix can improve your relationship” and “dividing housework in a modern relationship”.




The First Year Marriage Show
1st_year_marriage.jpgFor those in their first year of marriage, there is a podcast produced just for you and your spouse! It chronicles common struggles newlyweds encounter such as moving in and living together, financial issues (i.e. student loan debt), establishing effective communication and family planning.



Millennial Marriage Podcast
cropped-mm-podcast-logo-1.jpgCould it get any easier? A podcast created and hosted by a pair of married millennials! Despite not having new episodes currently in production, the archive of older posts are full of moments any millennial (married or otherwise) could relate to.



#staymarried Podcast
staymarried.jpgThis blog is home to an author who is prepared to share the ups and downs of marriage in her podcast, and invites guests to share their experiences and guidance as well. The creator of the blog has also published a book on the same topic.




Save the Marriage Podcast
save_the_marriage.jpgWhen a marriage is facing hardship, Dr. Lee H. Baucom seeks to teach couples “how to save your marriage and improve your relationship.” This podcast focuses on personality conflicts that can effect communication and the importance of working on problems individually and as a pair.

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