Single? These Blogs Are for You

Author: Mary Grace Donaldson, The Dating Game

No doubt about it — there’s a lot out there for those of us millennials who are single. From dating sites to podcasts and apps and memes to make you laugh, it’s clear that being single as a millennial is nothing to ever be ashamed of.

But it’s understandable if you’re just looking for that perfect story that so relates to your situation, whatever it is. While we have some of our own great material on dating horror stories, there’s a lot more out there, and here’s just a sampling:

The Millennial Wives Club
millennial_wives_club.pngOkay, I know what this sounds like… but it’s not what you think. The Millennial Wives Club, by its own description, “was created to bring support to myself as well as other Millennial women who are adjusting to life changing events, hustling to find their dream career, and still trying to figure out what it is that they want out of life for themselves.” That’s relatable for many of us, but most especially for those of us who are single (and are perhaps dating disasters). Post topics include “Millennial Dating Standards Today” and rushing while dating. This blog is fairly new, but the advice is good.

The Huffington Post Dating Section
huff_po.jpegAh, good ole’ HuffPo even has a dating blog! Many of the posts are even tagged specifically for millennials — and there’s a wide variety of demographics, too. There’s also a wide range of funny and serious, but depending on your situation, you’ll find something that relates to your own version of single life. Post topics include “comics that will make sense if your love life is kind of a mess,” why millennials don’t believe in “settling down” and long-distance relationships.

The Urban Dater
urbandater-logo3.pngThis blog aims to cover all aspects of dating and relationships with relatable posts — some of which are chocked-full of advice. “It’s a place to chronicle all the discussions on the stomach butterflies, the heartache, the confusion and the joy that comes with romance, and place them in one space for all to read.” There is even a whole section entirely dedicated to online dating. Post topics include keeping date conversations interesting, a guide to the internet dating industry and how modern dating is just different


Did we miss any of your favorite blogs? Let us know in the comments or by tweeting at us!

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