“On Thin Ice”: Has Thin-Skinned Trump Met His Match in Kim Jong Un?

Author: Alli Jean, Current Events/Politics

From the schoolyard to the highest office in the land, it has long been advised that bullies and those that oppress others can be halted when you cut off their resources, isolate them and limit their influence.

Perhaps this is why the mounting tensions with North Korea are so foreboding; this is a nation that has prided itself on its isolation. Its leader, Kim Jung Un, has few allies and has no interest in compromise, specifically concerning its growing nuclear program. Many politicians are urging that China, North Korea’s closest ally, should handle the negotiations.

Despite the activity in recent weeks by North Korea of testing of nuclear weapons, the threat of this nation’s nuclear weapons arsenal is anything but new, but that hasn’t stopped the current administration from declaring that “the era of strategic patience is over.” Not similarly to North Korea, the Trump administration has expressed that he would rather act alone than cooperate with others if he does not agree

Now, what does this mean for us?
President Trump, over what is apparently the most amazing chocolate cake in the world, told China’s President Xi Jinping in no uncertain terms, that they must deal with the situation in North Korea, or the United States will intervene. Vice President Pence echoed these sentiments when he traveled to South Korea over the holiday weekend. However, many warn that mishandling of this situation will cause Kim Jong Un to bomb South Korea, our ally, in retaliation.

Many have noted that unlike ISIS and other enemies the United States has faced, air strikes and sending in troops is not an option. Based on its leadership and past history, North Korea is an enemy that requires effective cooperation with South Korea, China, Russia, etc., in order to halt the expansion of their nuclear operations, and the inevitable worldwide destruction if their arsenal is expanded.

Does President Trump have the foreign policy experience to encourage effective cooperation with these countries before the eventuality of the United States’ intervention? Or should we be more focused on the realities here at home and not intervene at all?

In facing Kim Jong Un, a paranoid and isolationist dictator, has President Trump met his match? Is he capable of cooperating with allies, or in a late-night Twitter rant, will President Trump bring us into even greater conflict that has been thus-far avoided by diplomacy and careful negotiations?

Surely, this could be a turning point for President Trump as a leader; let’s hope his ego won’t get in the way of diplomacy.


Disclaimer: The political views presented in this article do not necessarily reflect the views of Not Another Millennial Blog.

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