How I Got Paid Writing Opportunities Just From Twitter

Author: Michelle Ioannou, Career Advice

Ah, Twitter. It is a beautiful, beautiful thing. We’ve already spoken about Twitter accounts you should be following, especially if you’re in the job hunt. We’ve spoken about the necessity of keeping your social media channels clean, especially if you’re in the job hunt.

Now let’s chat about how Twitter can get you some paid gigs — including what I did to get mine.

Follow those in the field you’re looking into
I was following a freelance writer who had tweeted about a paid freelance writing opportunity with a new up and coming website. I responded back to her, gave her my email address, and the rest is history. Within a month I was one of the contributing writers. And yes, getting paid.

Don’t be afraid to tweet at or respond to people
If it wasn’t for the fact that I had responded to the above mentioned tweet, I wouldn’t have received this opportunity, especially as it was my first freelance writing gig. But, because I took initiative, and because I wasn’t scared of rejection, I responded, got the job, and started building up my portfolio.

Promote yourself
How did I get my second paid writing gig? I promoted the articles and blog posts I had already written. The editor of another blog saw my stuff, and reached out to me about writing for him as well. He saw how proactive I was in sharing my posts with my followers, and how it showed how passionate I was about writing, and he wanted me on his team. If it wasn’t for the fact that I was actively tweeting out my articles, he wouldn’t have seen my writing potential, and recruited me.

I got my name out there
I interacted with others on Twitter, and gained a support group so to say; these people became loyal readers of my writing, regardless of the genre or topic. I am extremely grateful for these friends I have made on social, many of whom have followed me from blog to blog and watched my freelance writing bloom.

Network, network, network
Many people associate networking with in-person events; however, social media is a fantastic place to network with people as well. Engage in conversation with them. Follow people. Join Twitter chats. You never know who you can meet on social media, and you never know what connections or opportunities they may have for you.

Look for jobs on Twitter
Twitter has become a common place for job openings to be posted — full-time jobs, part-time jobs and freelance opportunities. Again, follow thought leaders. Look at applicable hashtags. Follow the organization or blogs you want to contribute to. Spend some time each day searching, and you will find opportunities.

Be appropriate, and show you know your stuff
We’ve already discussed both of these, so I won’t get too much into it again. Just always be sure to think to yourself, if I was in charge of hiring, would I hire me?

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