Your Teenage “Dates” Are Still Fun as Adults

Author: Mary Grace Donaldson, The Dating Game

In June, I will have graduated from high school 10 years ago. High school was not the greatest time of my life so in some ways I’m happy to be that far removed from it. On the other hand, that timeline makes me feel old –- and slightly nostalgic for some of the weird things that our millennial generation did as teenagers – like putting up emo away messages and updating our MySpace profiles and watching TRL after school, just to name a few.

We had a few interesting ideas for dates as teenagers as well. But, we don’t necessarily have to kiss those dating standbys good-bye just because we’ve reached adulthood. Here’s a few “adultier” twists on old standbys.

Ice Skating/Roller Skating
Yes, we’ve already talked about ice-skating, but let’s elaborate a bit more. There’s no age limit for ice-skating or roller-skating, even if you’re just not good at it. In fact, that’s kind of what makes it fun. Plus, you can wear comfortable clothes when you go, and who doesn’t like that?! Unlike your teenage years, comfort is welcomed at the ice rink or the roller rink in adulthood –- for both you and your significant other.

The Carnival
Do you remember what it felt like to go to the carnival as a couple? You were on top of the world, and you still can be. If you really want to remember what it felt like, don your favorite ‘00s trendy summer fashions when you go.

Friday Night Lights
Did you ever go to the big game on a Friday night with your high school boyfriend or girlfriend? Local high school games are usually open to anyone. Pack your school mascot blanket, warm up a thermos of hot apple cider (but the spiked version you couldn’t bring along when you were under age 21) and prepare to relive the glory days.

Mall Rats
Come on, you know you were a mall rat as a teenager. There’s no stopping you now –- and, believe it or not, both you and your significant other can wander around the mall without buying anything. Take it a step further and create a mall scavenger hunt to do together.

There’s Always the Diner
If you live in an area where diners are plentiful, you know where we’re going with this. We spent our high school years with the running joke that no matter what you’d do, you’d end up at the diner –- whether with your friends or your significant other. Head to the diner and take no prisoners… order the milkshake, the waffles and the black and white cookie.

I’m sure I’m forgetting a few of the best places to go on a date as a teenager. What were some of your old standbys?

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