I Gave Into the LuLaRoe Craze…and I’m Glad I Did

Adulting, Author: Mary Grace Donaldson

The power of social media has offered us an alternative to dating sites, career advice via Twitter, podcasts and, of course, LinkedIn. And now, it is offering a very quick and easy way to purchase direct sales products from consultants across the country.

Millennials, I know your pain — you’ve been invited to Facebook groups touting everything from dietary supplements to jewelry to Jamberry nails and the latest in the direct sales craze…LuLaRoe, a direct sales company advertising “simply comfortable” clothing, particularly their trademark print leggings with somewhat unusual prints.

Most of these types of invitations are ones I easily ignore, to the tune of “oh, no, what is this one selling?” We’re not talking about sites where you can save or make money while you shop, either. Many “consultants” selling all types of products are often stay-at-home moms who look to make some extra cash for their families on the side, but as with all groups of people, stay-at-home moms are not the only ones hocking their loot on social media.

But one day, it happened. I gave in. A friend (who is very much a millennial and very much not a stay-at-home mom) hosted a “LuLaRoe Pop-Up Party,” the social media equivalent of the Tupperware parties of my mom’s generation. Instead of visiting a friend’s home to purchase Tupperware products, the “party” was going to take place on a LuLaRoe “consultant’s” Facebook group (aka her “store”).

I only bought a few items — including signature leggings — at this “Pop-Up Party,” but later found out that my cousin buys LuLaRoe too…and she went ahead and added me to a number of Facebook groups. A month later, I’m hooked, and here’s why:

The clothes are comfortable, yet stylish.
While I firmly believe that leggings are indeed pants, I’ve never been one to think that I could wear them instead of pants to go out on a Friday night. And then I wore my floral print LuLaRoe leggings two Friday nights in a row and fell in love with how they looked.

They are made for all shapes and sizes. 
As someone who wears plus sizes, I find myself frustrated with the options available at mainstream stores, and I’m equally as frustrated with the prices at plus size specialty stores. LuLaRoe makes the same types and styles of clothes — not just leggings — in all sizes.

The prices are reasonable. 
While not as reasonably priced as the plus size department at JC Penney, LuLaRoe doesn’t totally hit you in the wallet. The infamous leggings run at $25 a pop, and that price is the same for smaller and larger sizes. Dresses run a bit higher, but the most expensive one I’ve seen is $65.

lularoe meme.jpg

So, why should millennials buy LuLaRoe?

The clothes allow for self-expression. 
There’s a print for everyone. One of my favorite pairs of leggings is pink with drawings of vintage cameras all over it. And if prints don’t float your boat, never fear…they sell solid colors too.

They are easily purchased. 
We’re all busy, right? You can buy a whole new wardrobe just by browsing Facebook groups on your lunch break.

You can support your friends who are working hard at a side hustle. 
As we’ve discussed, it’s hard to balance working a full-time job and a side hustle. Make the hard work worth it for those who are doing it.

There’s LuLaRoe for men and kids too! 
In a true showing of gender equality, LuLaRoe defies the direct sales stereotype of catering only to women. While women are clearly the target market, it’s great to see the brand’s inclusiveness.

Have you purchased any LuLaRoe products? What has your experience been like? Let us know in the comments!

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