Best Dating Podcasts for LGBT Millennials

Author: Mary Grace Donaldson, The Dating Game

There aren’t too many aspects of dating that don’t have their difficult points. Between first dates, figuring out the perfect profile for your dating app, longing for the dating world of another time and not giving in the pressure to date when you’re singlepodcasts lend a sympathetic voice from those who have been there.

Dating within the LGBT community — as a millennial, living in our own dating world that we’ve created — has its own set of trials and tribulations. Here are some of our favorite podcasts that understand the struggle.



The Heart 
According to one of its producers, The Heart “covers the triumphs and terrors of human intimacy, the bliss and banality of being in love, and the wild diversity of the human heart.” It is also listed as one of the “Top 12 Podcasts Hosted By Queer Women For Your Queer Ears” by An entire season in 2015 is dedicated to couples who either “decided whether to stay together or go their separate ways.”



Coupla Questions 
Another podcast earning a spot on the aforementioned Autostraddle list, the minds behind Coupla Questions “interview their favorite couples about how they fell in love and stayed in love.” Episodes feature two men who met while performing on a cruise ship and fell in love and two women who started out as friends but became something more, just to name a few.




Same Sex Dialogue  
While there aren’t any recent episodes of Same Sex Dialogue, it’s worth a listen. The show’s hosts cover current events and news surrounding the LGBT community, but other topics include “I Don’t Have a Clue Who I Married,” “Love at First Protein Shake,” whether or not you should be friends with your ex and gay parenting.



A Gay and A NonGay
This podcast addresses the issue of hate speech in our society right from the get-go. “A Gay And A NonGay challenges many of our differences head on and promises that no matter who you are, or what you’re into (Bruce Springsteen or Britney), love is love and gay and nongays can be friends,” the podcast intro states. Episodes are not limited to dating-related topics, but when getting into the dating realm of things, episodes include dating out of your comfort zone, questioning your sexuality and “The 36 Questions That Lead to Love.”



While these podcasts are not specifically targeted to LGBT millennials, they apply to a wide range of age groups — including millennials. Their dating war stories are certainly ones that we can sympathize with.

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