You Have Vacation Days. Use Them.

Author: Michelle Ioannou, Career Advice

I am going to give you the best piece of career advice I can give. Well, one of the best pieces — use your paid time off. You’re given it for a reason. It’s yours. Use it.

Taking vacation time — whether it be to go on an actual vacation or not — is critical. And yet, many millennials aren’t doing this, and are scared to do this.

According to a report from August 2016, millennials want to be seen as a “work martyr,” and believe never taking time off from work will impress their bosses. Oh. Stop this way of thinking now, please. Thanks.

Do you know what will really impress your boss? Coming back to work with a fresh perspective and new ideas to help your company grow. Do you know how you do this? By getting away from work for a while.

Be a work martyr by giving your job your all — your energy, your focus and your best ideas — not by running yourself down by being at work non-stop. Take a day off. Take days off.

Millennials, we need to relax. We need to remember to care for ourselves. And getting out of the office is a way of doing this. You’re most likely given paid time off at your job. Use this. Get away. Do something that makes you smile.

If you can’t tell, I am a firm advocate of using your vacation time. It’s mine, and I will not let it go to waste. In fact, as I write this, I just got back from a vacation to the Caribbean a couple of days ago, and I feel so refreshed. When I’m at work, I’m looking at things in a new light, and can see new opportunities to grow in ways I didn’t before my trip. I’m not staring at the clock waiting for 5 p.m., and I’m remembering to be grateful for my job.

Is my ranting not enough to convince you to send that e-mail to your boss about needing a couple of days off?

Here are some more benefits:

You’ll be more productive
Well yes, it’s common sense that you’re less productive when you feel run down. But, there’s also research that proves that more frequent vacations boosts job productivity and job performance.

Need more research to back this up? Back in 2006, Ernst & Young found that for every extra 10 hours of vacation time their employees took, their year-end performance ratings improved by eight percent. Another surprising find? Those that took the extra vacation time were less likely to leave the firm than others.

It’s good for your health
U.S. News and World Report spoke to primary care physician Natasha Withers, who stated “Rest, relaxation, and stress reduction are very important for people’s well-being and health. This can be accomplished through daily activities, such as exercise and meditation, but vacation is an important part of this as well.”

Well then, doctor’s orders, right? Vacation is an important part of giving you rest and relaxation, things that contribute to your health. And we all know that you can’t work if you’re not healthy.

Avoid burnout
The last thing you want at work is to burn out, right? That won’t get you anywhere. Stress Management Expert Elizabeth Scott wrote about how employees who took regular time to relax are less likely to burn out at work. This in turn made them more productive in their work. Additionally, she went on to state that research shows that a good vacation will not only leave you stress-free in the moment, but can lead you to having fewer stressful days for at least five weeks later.

If you have paid time off, use it. Take a vacation. Take a staycation. Just get out of the office for a bit. And if you are worried about a vacation breaking the bank, check out these great websites that can help get you on that trip in a more affordable way.

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