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Are You a Single Millennial? These Podcasts Are for You

Author: Mary Grace Donaldson, The Dating Game

Fellow single millennials, gather around. While I am a firm advocate of the notion that it’s okay to be single (as far as I know, I will be for the foreseeable future) as well as the idea that you can be single and still celebrate love, it’s nice to know that there are other people out there who understand what comes with being a single millennial today. They understand the ideas that dating is different for millennials than it was for our parents, that dating roles for women in particular have changed and that millennials can also “date” on social media.

If you’d like to hear from more millennials on the world of dating as a single millennial, here are a few podcasts that offer such commentary:

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The Millennials Podcast

While not strictly for dating advice, The Millennials Podcast includes episodes on relevant topics for singles, from making fun of Valentine’s Day to how you aren’t necessarily “Forever Alone.” They talk “single life, dating, Tinder and how we actually like marriage.” I have a mind to send them an email with our round-up on dating apps other than Tinder…perhaps for their future use!

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Kinda Dating 

This podcast does not directly target millennials, but produces episodes that we can relate to, just based on the title. As we talked about when we discussed the nostalgia of dating, the idea of “talking to” someone or “we’re dating but we’re not” is (unfortunately) part of millennial culture. But host — and former MTV producer — Natasha Chandel (along with an impressive array of guest co-hosts) is able to make fun of it…while also addressing the nitty gritty of the issues of dating culture. Topics include “friends with benefits,” “Being Single and Owning It” and “Break-Ups: How to Heal.”



Short for “Define The Relationship,” DTR is sponsored by none other than Tinder, in partnership with a media company called Gimlet Creative. And right there in the podcast description, the masterminds behind DTR touch on an issue we’ve discussed through dating apps, websites, social media and just dating dynamics: “Technology has changed the rules of the game.” It also discusses “what it’s like to meet new people in an Internet-obsessed world.” For some of us millennials, that works — but for some of us it doesn’t, and we wish for another time that we never even lived in, and we believe that we shouldn’t only communicate via SnapchatDTR launched in late-2016 so there aren’t many episodes available yet — but topics include mixed signals and what happens when a friend runs your Tinder account.

Did we miss any of your favorites? Let us know in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Are You a Single Millennial? These Podcasts Are for You

  1. Thanks! The Millennials Podcast is a good one. I listen whenever they have a new one. I like when they do random cover songs at the end too!


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