Valentine's Day

Whether You’re Single or Taken, Enjoy This Valentine’s Day

Author: Claire Greene, The Dating Game

I’m going to be honest. I have a bone to pick with Valentine’s Day. It originates from the Feast of St. Valentine, who was a Roman Emperor who was imprisoned for performing weddings for soldiers who were forbidden to marry.

However, I personally believe that on this holiday, all types of love should be celebrated. Romantic love is not the only type of love that exists. I believe that the love one has for family and friends should be celebrated as well.

We’ve already talked about how it’s okay to be single — but we’re going to give a different type of dating advice for single millennials who think they can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. Guess what? You can! I’m going to discuss what all people can do for each other on Valentine’s Day — not only romantic couples.


Have a Galentine’s Day (or any other fun day with your friends)
This is my own Valentines Day standby (though we hear all about it on Parks and Recreation). There is nothing I love more than spending Valentine’s Day binge-watching rom-coms or Netflix, and eating junk food with my friends whom I love.

One year I had my college friends come visit and we watched romantic comedies and went in the hot tub, margaritas in hand (which you can also substitute with wine). It was a great night, and not once did I dwell on the fact that I was not with a romantic love, because I was with love in a different way.

Do a Secret Santa-like gift exchange
Since I was little, my parents would always give me and my brother small gifts on Valentine’s Day to show that they had love for us. This gesture always held a lot of meaning to me. I now, in a way, carry that tradition by giving little small items of appreciation to my friends on Valentine’s Day. No need to break the bank — you can even make your gift. It is just a tiny item to show someone that you love him or her. It is about the thought you put into it and the sentimental value, and not the monetary value.

Pamper yourself at the spa
Valentine’s Day can also be about loving yourself. Take the time to treat yourself well, and indulge in the things that you don’t usually indulge in. Also, if you take a friend, you may be able to take advantage of couples deals.

Love should always be inclusive, not exclusive. Fight the standard that Valentine’s Day should only be about romantic love, and show everyone you love that you care about them. That is what it should be about.

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