The Fest For Beatles Fans New York

Beatles Tribute Bands and Artists You Need to Know

Author: Danny Abriano, Entertainment

I’ve seen Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr in concert, and once nearly spontaneously combusted when Paul surprised Ringo at his birthday and the two of them performed together. But there’s nothing like The Beatles live, something no millennial (and many millennials’ parents) ever had the ability to see and hear.

But the transcendent nature of the Beatles lives on, and the music has new life breathed into it every day by an incredible number of bands and artists who either recreate the Beatles’ songs note-for-note or put their own twist on things.

Many of these bands/artists performed at the New York Metro Fest For Beatles Fans. 

Here’s a taste:

Named after the small town in England where the Beatles hailed from, Liverpool has been the Fest’s house band since the late-70s. They’re different from nearly every Beatles tribute band out there since they don’t dress like the group and don’t pander to die-hard fans with phony British accents.

No, for Liverpool, it’s all about recreating the music and the ferocity the Beatles brought to it. Full disclosure: I work for the Fest, but that’s only been the case since 2014. I thought Liverpool was the best Beatles tribute band in the world before then, and I feel the same now. If you’re at a Liverpool concert and close your eyes, the Beatles are there.

At the Fest, Liverpool will be in concert all three nights. And since this year is the 50th anniversary of the Sgt. Pepper album, they’ll be performing the album in full — Side 1 on Saturday night, Side 2 on Sunday night.

Birds Of Paradox
Local artist Jeff Slate’s band, Birds of Paradox features Steve Holley (Wings) on drums and Gary Van Scyoc and Adam Ippolito from John Lennon’s Elephant Memory Band. Their lead guitarist is Mark Bosch from the Ian Hunter Band. At the Fest, the guys will be recreating John Lennon’s famous One-To-One concert.

Birds of Paradox, who tours all around New York City, has been playing at the Fest for several years, mixing in solo Beatles cuts and even Traveling Wilburys cuts.

Jacqui Armbruster
A native of Pennsylvania, the 17-year-old is multi-talented. Her voice is incredibly powerful and soulful, her guitar playing is sublime, and she has tremendous stage presence.

Jacqui isn’t just a Beatles artist, but it’s those songs that were on display at The Fest.

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