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Shows on Netflix in 2017: The New, the Bold and the Reimagined

Author: Kerrin Frappier, Entertainment

Every few months, Netflix (everyone’s favorite procrastination tool) purges its collection and brings on new documentaries, favorite movies and TV shows and even original content. Perhaps Netflix’s greatest appeal is that there truly is something for everyone to enjoy — horror classics, historical dramas and various programs and films that are given a second chance on the streaming platform.

While some of Netflix offerings may not be to our taste, there’s a sense of excitement as one browses the “recently added” queue. For your consideration, #NAMB brings you the most talked about series coming to Netflix in 2017.


I spend copious amounts of time looking for new shows to binge watch and these are the titles that have piqued my interest (and have made it onto my watch list).

Lock Up: Women Behind Bars


I admit I’m a sucker for stories about people looking to change their lives. The docu-series which recently ended its 15-season run is now available to stream on Netflix, and its latest season focuses on the lives of women paying the price for the (often) violent crimes they have committed. The women featured have learned the consequences of their actions and aim to warn others of the slippery slope from truancy to murder and robbery.

The Eighties

the 80s.jpg

While most millennials cannot remember much of the 1980s, this CNN documentary (which premiered in May 2016) seeks to educate those that recall the era of Reagan, the war on drugs and those influenced by its aftermath on the decade that brought us more than just MTV, rap music and scrunchies.

Curious and Unusual Deaths


Since I was young, I have been fascinated by mysteries, especially those of the unsolved variety (Unsolved Mysteries was a favorite show of mine despite the fact that even the theme tune gave me nightmares). While I expect this series will not be for anyone squeamish, thankfully Netlix comes equipped with a fully-functioning pause button.


One Day at a Time (now streaming)


This revamped series that uses the same name as the 1975 TV hit has a new cast and takes place in a very different time period. The remake introduces a Cuban-American family: single mom Penelope, her teenage daughter and son and her mother, Lydia. The question remains whether this new take on the classic series will be as groundbreaking as the original series–which openly discussed sex, pregnancy prevention and other taboo issues of the time.

A Series of Unfortunate Events (now streaming)


There are few things better than when your favorite book series is transformed for the big screen–except when it is given a mini-series or full length television adaptation! See, the trouble with movies is that details big and small must be shaved off in order to accommodate a reasonable run-time. A TV series eliminates this problem with ease and multiple seasons allow the story to unfold in much the same manner as reading it for the first time. The Series of Unfortunate Events begins with the Baudelaire children left orphaned by a mysterious fire…and things only get worse from there when they are sent to live with a distant relative.

Santa Clarita Diet (coming February 3rd)


If this Netflix original series is half as good as their hilarious, satirical commercials, I think we’re all in for a treat (well…if you’re into human-flavored treats). The promotional videos for the horror-comedy show feature Drew Barrymore praising the new diet that has kept her looking young and fit with blood dripping from her smiling lips. If that does not grab your attention, perhaps the premise of a husband-wife realtor team whose lives are changed one night will…

13 Reasons Why (release date unknown)


While small screen adaptations give readers and viewers alike a chance to bask in the immense details of the series and it’s written companion, I remain unsure of this Netflix series. 13 Reasons Why is the story of a young woman who leaves her reasons for suicide (via cassette tapes) on the doorstep of her classmate. Admittedly, I had downloaded the 2007 book on my Kindle almost two years ago, but stopped reading after about 40 pages or so. I may be inclined to watch the show’s first season to see whether or not it can hold my attention better than the book that would have sat in dust on my bookshelf.

Bill Nye Saves the World (coming Spring 2017)

bill nye.jpg

Bill Nye the Science Guy is coming back into our lives! And not just as a meme on Facebook and Tumblr! Bill Nye is getting his own talk show and tackling issues such as global warming, GMO foods and more! Think of the language he can use and the topics he can present now that he is not restricted by the rules created by children-appropriate-programming! Think of the technology he can present! This one’s for you, ’90s kids!

This fresh-out-of-the-oven batch of new, binge-worthy shows is here to assist you with all your “sorry, I can’t go out tonight…,” “those dishes/ laundry can wait a while longer” and just one more episode” needs. Happy “next-episode” clicking, #NAMB readers!

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