What Happened in Aleppo?

The situation in Eastern Aleppo in Syria has reached a cease-fire.


You’ve seen it in the news for months – or maybe you’ve turned a blind eye because it’s just too upsetting.

People in the streets of Eastern Aleppo (Eastern Aleppo specifically, as Western Aleppo does not fall under the same government control) in Syria, dying at the hands of rebel forces. No resolution between the rebel forces and the government. Innocent victims, including children – who are simply living their lives – are the casualties of this situation in which no one can seem to come to a peaceful resolution.

Over the past two days we’ve heard more news. Here are a few anecdotes, according to CNN:

  • The Syrian government re-established control over Eastern Aleppo
  • A cease-fire between the rebels and the government has taken effect
  • The civilians of Eastern Aleppo are leaving the city as a result of the takeover, and posting good-bye messages such as this one
  • The cease-fire is the only solution to get civilians out of the city safely
  • Civilians are still trapped trying to evacuate
  • “The stage for practical human initiatives” has arrived as a result of the cease fire

What does this all mean to us, and what can we do to help? We can send our support through these organizations, provided by the Center for International Disaster Information, that are assisting with relief in Eastern Aleppo.

But in addition to donating to such organizations, it’s important that we recognize what has happened – and that we don’t turn a blind eye to world events that are not immediately outside our backyard. This situation is a true crisis situation – one that we should show the utmost compassion for.

Don’t ignore what’s happening. Don’t be silent about what’s happening. Hashtag #StandWithAleppo. Stay in the loop, as difficult as that may be to do. Tell your friends. And as always, be thankful for everything you have.


Disclaimer: The political views presented in this article do not necessarily reflect the views of Not Another Millennial Blog. 

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