Holiday Movies and Love

Author: Kristin Frappier, The Dating Game

As Christmas gets closer, all Christmas movies seem to be playing around the clock. It can be said that there are misconceptions about relationships found in Christmas movies.

Many holiday movies are sugary sweet and like fairy tales. In many romantic comedies with a Christmas theme, it is the man who saves the day, or purchases the perfect gift that will make everything alright. In some cases, Christmas movies paint the illusion that if you wish for something hard enough, it will turn out better than you ever thought possible.

Many Christmas-themed movies, including Love Actually, The Holiday and even Miracle on 34th Street, give the impression that the perfect holiday starts with the “love of your life” — though it’s presented differently in each of these cases. They also give the impression that everyone is most happy and at a pivotal point in the relationship right around Christmas. These are nice sentiments, but not always the most realistic representation of relationships. In fact, many times, these are not accurate representations of reality. Your love life doesn’t play out like these particular movies do, as much as we may want them to.

Relationships tend to be more like It’s A Wonderful Life, if anything, especially in the way that relationships have their ups and downs. There are fights from time to time, there are hardships from time to time and sometimes you have to be on the verge of losing everything to really see the value in even the smallest of things. Every relationship progresses at its own speed the “perfect” time. This time is not always at Christmas time, but, it can be said that each relationship has its own greatness at every stage.

Go ahead, enjoy these romantic holiday movies. But remember, your life doesn’t have to mimic it.

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