Why I’m Grateful for You

Author: Mary Grace Donaldson, Real Life Stories

Dear #NAMB Readers (and Authors!):

Well, millennials, we can mostly say that those who describe us to the public still don’t give the most accurate description of our generation.

The media — and previous generations — still categorizes us as lazy, entitled and well, crybabies. Now, I’m not saying that those types of millennials don’t exist, but those personality types also exist within generations other than millennials. There are different types of people everywhere, of all ages.

However, this letter is not meant to focus on the negative. It’s meant to focus on the positive, and the positive here is all of you. So, I’m writing a cliche thank-you letter, because without our readers, we wouldn’t have #NAMB.

Thank you for supporting us. For commenting on our posts. For embracing our mission. For reading our content and relating to it. For inspiring us to keep reaching out. For giving us ideas for content and social media. For sharing — because without social media word of mouth, we wouldn’t continue to grow and spread the mission. For fighting those stereotypes I mentioned above. Keep fighting, and don’t own those negative notions just because they’re out there.

Now I’m going to get a bit more personal.. I’m thankful for #NAMB and what it’s brought out in me, and in our team. It has given me the ability to write a piece about an aspect of my personality I rarely talk about with anyone, and I was inspired by other amazing real life stories written by our team. Together we’ve created a remarkable space where we can be ourselves.

Which brings me to… our team. I cannot be any more thankful for all of you and the work you’ve done to create #NAMB and build it into the space that we’ve made it. You’ve taken time away from your lives to contribute, and you bring wonderful work to the table. I’m especially grateful to Danny for his excellent editorial work, and to Michelle for her tireless efforts toward bringing #NAMB to even more millennials — as well as for her writing and attention to the details that sometimes I don’t see.

Before I go on too long, I’m going to bring this to a close, but I truly hope that all of you have enjoyed what #NAMB has brought to you.

With love,
Mary Grace

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