Boy Bands Gave Me More Than Just Good Music, Which Is Why I’m Grateful

Author: Kerrin Frappier, Entertainment

I’m thankful every day for the safety of my family and my good health and all the awesome opportunities I’ve been given (including writing for this blog!). I’m fortunate to have loyal friends and a stable income and a supportive family. But I have to say I’m also thankful for something that I’m sure seems extremely childish and stupid to some: I’m thankful for boy bands for many reasons.

I know, I know; I’ve already written two posts (see my ode to *NSYNC here and my piece on the Backstreet Boys here) on my obsession with all-male pop groups (and you can probably expect a few more) but hear me out…


Boy bands made me feel cool in elementary school. While I was skeptical of the trend at first, I also got teased quite a bit for being a bookworm and listening to my mother’s music exclusively. It felt good to enjoy something most of my peers also relished. I no longer felt like my interests were so far removed from those of my classmates (although now I take great pride in my eclectic tastes).

Boy band music has been there for me when I longed for my friends at home, while I was away at school and when I was exhausted from working two jobs after graduating college.

Boy bands have also brought my friends together for multiple concerts and for a couple of hours, we forget we are bill-paying adults who have to be at work the next morning.

Boy bands have ensured that I’ve remained young at heart (even though I still look like a teenager most days); I can slip right back into my childhood simply by putting in a pair of earbuds.

Boy bands have reminded me that there is no shame in liking something that makes you feel good and is not harmful. Being a boy band fanatic for almost 20 years has taught me that times change, fashions go out of style but if you have a passion for something, you should not give up on that.


I’m thankful that every generation has had a boy band (or it’s equivalent) to call its own; my mom had the Jackson Five, my cousin had New Kids on the Block and New Edition. I was lucky enough to have *NSYNC, the Backstreet Boys and 98 Degrees.

I’m thankful we all got to experience those first celebrity crushes on someone talented and (seemingly) wholesome. I’m glad we spent hours memorizing song lyrics and dance routines instead of getting into trouble. I’m grateful that hearing a song on the radio on my way to work can make my whole day a little brighter.

Being a fan has also made it clear that people grow out of things like favorite pop groups or even friendships, and that’s okay too.

As I paused for thought while writing this list, I began purchasing more New Kids on the Block tracks. I want to be fully prepared when I see them at Fenway Park in 2017! I told you: I have a problem!

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