Save (and Make!) More Money Online and On Your Phone

Adulting, Author: Michelle Ioannou

Life is expensive.

That’s no secret. We try to budget, but sometimes (okay, all the time), it’s really not easy. We use our finance cheat sheet, but there’s still more we can do.

And that’s where saving money — and making money — online comes in.

What if I told you there’s a few websites out there where you can not only save money, but even make money? I know, it sounds too good to be true, but it is.

Now, for the websites and apps that you should be signing up for ASAP.

I’m sure you’ve seen the commercials and probably even laughed at them — I know I did until one of my friends told me I needed to sign up. Since I joined in April 2015 I have made over $300 just from shopping online. That’s right, all I had to do is “activate” Ebates before checking out at an online store, and I got a percentage back. How does it work? Basically, Ebates gets commission from the store you’re shopping out, and they split that purchase with you. All you have to do is shop online like you normally would!

Honey honey-logo.png
I just recently downloaded Honey at the recommendation of one of my colleagues. I’m still scoping it out but I know she has had great luck! The Honey extension will automatically find coupons for you to apply upon checkout. That’s right, just shop as you normally would and proceed to checkout and Honey will automatically show you coupons that you can apply to the order.

Disclaimer: I’ve been saying I would download this but I have not taken the plunge yet. Acorns is an easy way to help you invest in stocks by investing your spare change. For instance, if you purchase something for $1.75 and you pay $2 for it, that .25 will go into Acorns. Once you have $5 in your account, a team of financial advisors will start investing for you. If you’re age 24 or under it’s free, however for those of us above this age, it’s $1 a month if your balance is under $5,000 and .25% per year if your balance is over $5,000.

I have been a member of CashCrate for a few years now, and have received over $600 from them. Unfortunately I have not had the time I used to to dedicate to this site, but I can guarantee that it’s legit. CashCrate gives you several ways to earn cash through taking surveys, completing offers and so much more.

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