Best Spotify Playlists for a Night In With Your Significant Other

Author: Kerrin Frappier, The Dating Game

It’s November — the days are getting shorter, the nights longer and colder and your bank account is prepping for dramatic weight loss as the holidays draw near. Why not have date night at home and let these Spotify playlists set the mood for the evening?

Cozy Fireplace (By Spotify)

Few things exude romance better than a roaring fire and dim lights…but then there’s the smell that gets trapped in your clothes and hair and stings your eyes (so not romantic!) and the maintenance that comes with having a fireplace. With this playlist you can experience the soothing crackling of an indoor or outdoor fire without having to tend to the flames or worry about setting the smoke detector off.


Guitar (user: Guitar) 

I am a total sucker for acoustic covers and this playlist is full of old favorites and current hits! Perhaps the best part of this collection is that it is made up of strictly instrumental remakes. That way the music can provide a subtle background to your romantic dinner date or you can spend your night performing your own renditions karaoke-style!


Motown Classic Love Songs (user: Francine Wilmus) 

These are the Motown hits about loving someone that you will want to slow dance or clap your hands to right in your living room. What could be better than a date night-late night dance party?


’90s Slow Dance Songs (user: Tara Block)

You may have slow danced to these ’90s jams in middle school but now you actually understand what the lyrics are talking about! You’ve lived it!  Relive these classics from (gulp) 20+ years ago without the bad DJ and fruit punch and a willing date by your side.


Modern Love Songs (user: freckleskc)

Full of country, pop and acoustic songs about romance and seeing the world through heart-shaped glasses, this playlist is modern, funky and sentimental in all the right ways.


Movie Love Songs (user: Bobby LaSalle)

These are some of the greatest pieces of music to accompany the most romantic movies in cinema. From Titanic to The Fault in our Stars, this list is full of variety. Even if it doesn’t work out on screen, you can experience those sweeping moments for yourself with your significant other and this playlist. Dramatic readings optional.

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