Plenty of Fish

Author: Kristin Frappier, Real Life Stories

For some people, a hero is given life because of a comic strip. For some people, a hero is given super powers because that’s how the story line goes in a cartoon. For me, I met my hero just by chance.

I met my hero when I stepped out of my comfort zone and into a new adventure. After some time of being single, I decided to test the waters of online dating. This new adventure started with messages, texts and phone calls with one person, and during these conversations we talked about nothing and everything all at once.

On May 22, 2016, I was the first to arrive to our first dinner date. We went to a place I have been at least a hundred times, but this time felt different and special. I remember feeling nervous but excited at the same time!

Before long, a brown haired, blue-eyed individual came walking towards me. As the date progressed I realized that the food was good, the conversation was great, and the company was the best.

My hero has a universal acceptance for the things that make me unique. It is no secret that I have Cerebral Palsy. It feels awesome to have found someone who wholeheartedly believes that I am just differently abled. We divide and conquer whatever comes. I have always been a positive person, but now I just feel as though I see the world in not just shades of color, but in those that make the world pop.

Every new adventure we experience together helps me learn just a little bit more about the man who has my heart. My love has made me laugh, smile and have a happy heart. This love is worth even more than any price tag I could give anything!

I have danced in his arms with no rhythm and even tripped over my own feet. No matter what, he makes me feel like I can fly. I don’t know how I got so lucky — all I know is I am thankful for where it all began, where we are and where we will go in the future.

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