When Work Doesn’t Feel Like Work: What it’s Like to Work With a Motivational Speaker

Author: Kristin Frappier, Career Advice

We’ve all had those things that have saved us. For me,  it was my job.

My job helped me believe in myself again. The opportunity came up for me Thanksgiving week of last year, and surfaced three weeks after my fiancé broke our engagement after being together close to eight years.

This time is remembered as a dark time in my life because it felt like everything I worked so hard to nurture and treasure was slipping  through my fingers and crashing to the ground. I needed some new direction because I couldn’t dwell on what I could not change. I truly believe my job gave me a new positive focus.

I work for motivational speaker James (Jamey) Breen. Jamey is a differently abled wheelchair user who has Cerebral Palsy.  He does not like to be called an inspiration or a hero — but he is an empowering unstoppable force.

Today, Jamey has made over 60 positivity presentations in schools, businesses and various organizations. His speeches are not disability specific, but rather about taking obstacles and turning them into positive opportunities. The message is simple but profound: everyone  has unique challenges! These challenges are things we must learn to deal with but are not things that need to define who we are as people.

I am the assistant to this operation. I work to assist with day-to-day operations from a business point of view to scheduling speaking engagements and proofing promotional and written materials.

What is so uplifting about my job is that no work day is ever the same. What I must say is that I am empowered to work every day!  I work where the mission, even on a bad day, is to #KeepItRollin and move #AlwaysForward.

Any readers seeking to hire a motivational speaker or obtain more information, please visit www.jameybreen55.com or email Kgfrappier1989@gmail.com

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