The Best Spotify Playlists for When it Gets Dark Early

Author: Kerrin Frappier, Entertainment

As much as we love fall, it also signals the start of the days getting shorter. Whether at work or home (still in bed, not ready to get up), the early dark sky could require some extra motivation — and these playlists can help.

Ed Sheeran (user: Brya Pilbrow)

At a glance, an entire playlist dedicated to one artist can seem a bit overwhelming…but just bear with me. I don’t know if it’s the dreary weather or the need to bundle up, but there’s something about fall that changes my musical preferences from upbeat party jams to slower, more guitar-driven ballads. While the sun starts to set earlier by the day, you can curl up with a hot beverage and allow Ed Sheeran to sing you songs about long nights out in the city, relaxing nights at home or even those lovely Autumn Leaves.


I Love Acoustic Covers (user: Matt Johnson)

With the leaves and weather changing, why not let the songs you’ve grown to love all summer take on a new life with these acoustic offerings?


Halloween Themes/Horror Soundtracks (user: Double J Music)

Most people will tell you the scariest part of any good horror movie is its haunting and suspenseful soundtrack. As much as I loathe scary movies, I can recognize the music from movies like Halloween or the X-Files with ease. This Spotify user has compiled an up-to-date (it even includes the theme from Stranger Things) and comprehensive playlist ideal for any Halloween soiree…or if you just want to scare yourself a little at the gym.


Autumn Lounge (By Spotify)

Need a seasonal soundtrack to listen to while you relax with your adult coloring book, study for an exam or fall asleep? Spotify’s got you covered with this quiet, modern, mostly instrumental collection. Perfect for a road trip on which you can enjoy the fall scenery too!


Morning Drive (By Spotify)

If you’re anything like me, getting out of bed when it still looks like the middle of the night is no easy task. I relish my 20 minute commute simply because it allows me to set my mind to all the things I want to accomplish that day.

Nothing helps you to wake up and feel like you can conquer the world (or at least make it to lunch in one piece) quite like the proper musical accompaniment. For the best music to blast during your hectic commute, look no further than this well-rounded playlist.

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