How to Make the Most of Fall

Adulting, Author: Claire Greene

Fall has always been my favorite time of year. Something about the crisp smell in the air, the beautiful color of the leaves, and pumpkin spice always gives me a sense of satisfaction I can’t describe. It’s important to really take everything in, and enjoy all of the beautiful things nature has given us.


Get outside 
During the fall, I always like to make sure that no matter how stressed I am or how crazy things may be, that I always get outside for at least a few minutes every day. I smell the air, touch the earth, listen to the crunch of the leaves as I walk and appreciate all of the rich, warm, natural colors of the leaves. Something about fall really awakens all of the senses, and you can feel more in touch with nature than ever before.

Since there are so many beautiful, fall colors, fall is the best time to make natural decorations. Go outside and collect some leaves with colors that you love, some acorns that have fallen from the trees and even some wild berries (if you have pets, make sure the berries aren’t toxic first). There are so many ways you can decorate with the natural things you can find right outside the door. Put together a mason jar with acorns, colorful leaves, and dandelions. Not only will this be a reminder of the nature outside, it is a free decoration! You can also create a leaf collage by simply gluing leaves to a piece of paper, stringing acorns and hanging them up on the mantle, or even using a leaf as a bookmark! You can also collect nuts and seeds and leave them in a bowl outside to thank the birds for chirping!

Use the foods in abundance during the season 
There are so many foods that are at their best in the fall. Squashes and apples are full of rich flavor and taste. Cooking with them during their natural seasons will create amazing meals that will awaken your taste buds. Simply mulling apple cider with cinnamon and sage (the scents of the season), or making an apple pie, or even an apple crisp will be a wonderful treat that you will look forward to throughout the day. Butternut squash is at its best during fall as well. Make delicious sweet coconut, butternut squash soup, and a delicious autumn chili chutney using butternut squash, mango and apple cider vinegar. Research recipes using the rich foods of the season, and I promise you won’t be sorry.


During the fall, be inspired by Mother Nature. Fall is all about taking a moment and appreciating what is around you. So go ahead, take a break and go for a walk. You just may find some magic on the way.

5 thoughts on “How to Make the Most of Fall

  1. I love going for walks in fall because the weather is not as hot as in in summer and not as cold as in the winter, it is very nice and so instead of taking the bus I usually walk the distance and get some exercise too 🙂


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