First Presidential Debate of 2016: Intense and Entertaining

Author: Alli Jean, Current Events/Politics

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump held the first of three Presidential debates this past Monday, moderated by Lester Holt of NBC.

The debate was watched by roughly 84 million people – breaking a record for most-watched debate ever – and the only scientific poll taken had Hillary winning it in a landslide.

Here are highlights of some of their answers…

Achieving Prosperity

Lester Holt (LH) – Why will you be better than your opponent at creating jobs?

Hillary Clinton (HC) – Policies include infrastructure, technology, small business, raising the national minimum wage,  equal pay for equal work, paid family leave, paid sick days, debt-free college, increased taxes for the wealthy so that they “pay their fair share,” investing in clean energy, negotiating good trade deals and closing corporate loopholes. Trump’s plan is the biggest example of trickle down economics – calls it “trumped up trickle down economics.” Says Trump believes climate change is a hoax and that he rooted for the downfall of the housing crisis. Trump said that’s business.

Donald Trump (DT) – Told voters jobs are fleeing the country, going to Mexico and China. Agrees with Hillary on child care. We need to stop jobs from being stolen from us and companies are leaving the U.S. We need a 35% to 15% reduction in taxes, which will be great for big and small business. We need to renegotiate trade deals. All products should be taxed when they are brought in to the U.S. Asked why Hillary hasn’t made trade deals better in 30 years – not now because we’ve created a movement. Says President Obama has doubled debt in 7 1/2 years. We have lost money investing in solar energy.

LH – Defend tax hike or tax cut?

DT – Wealthy will expand companies and create jobs. This will be great for middle class. Need to invest billions into companies, and get $2.5 trillion back from overseas. This has been the worst revival of economy and we are in a bubble.

HC – Doesn’t see changes in corporate tax rates of Trump’s, says his Trump Loophole will only benefit him. Trickle down won’t work, says wealthy know they need to do their part to help middle class, debt-free college, broad based inclusive growth, not just advantages for those at the top.

LH – Questions DT about tax returns and potential business conflicts; Trump can legally release taxes during an audit

DT – Says he is still in the midst of the audit, notes his income was $694 million this year, and he will release taxes when Hillary releases emails that have been deleted.

HC – This is another example of bait and switch. Maybe he’s not as rich or charitable as he says he is and he owes $650 million to Wall Street and foreign banks. He has paid nothing in federal taxes. Trump says it makes him smart to have not paid taxes.


HC – The American people deserve to see Trump’s taxes, he’s hiding something. Says she would have handled emails differently, takes responsibility.

DT – Staff and person that set up illegal server are taking the fifth. Country needs someone who’s good with money. He has made a lot of money, it’s not bragadocious.brag

Cue the millions and millions of Mary Poppins memes that are now inevitable. 

HC – Trump’s campaign manager says Trump built businesses on backs of little guys whom he never paid, and he has taken business bankruptcy six times; that sometimes there is not direct transfer of skills business to government.

DT – “I have built an unbelievable company. I used certain laws four times. I take advantage of the laws of the nation.” Obligation is to do well for himself, family, employees, his company.

America’s Direction

LH – How will you bridge the wide and bitter gap of racism in America today?

HC – Race determines too much, including where you live, your education, and how you are treated in the criminal justice system. Wants criminal justice reform. Her plan will rectify flaws in criminal justice system, and she stated that the police also want reform. Glad to see private prisons end at the federal level – we need that on state level, as well as common sense gun control and comprehensive background checks. Need to put money into budget to re-train police to deal with implicit bias. Mental health is another big concern.

DT – Pleased that he just received the endorsement of the fraternal order of police. Inner cities are living in hell, it’s so dangerous, you walk down the street and get shot. We need to bring back law and order. Illegal immigrants are in gangs shooting people. We have to be strong and vigilant. Stop and Frisk is not racial profiling. We need more police to take guns away from people who shouldn’t have them. We need better relationships between communities and police. African Americans and Hispanics are most affected by violence – it is unfair. Stop and Frisk had tremendous impact on the safety of New York.

HC – Under current mayor, crime in New York has dropped. One murder is too many. We need to learn what actually has a good impact. No one should disagree about respecting rights of young men working in those neighborhoods.

DT – The African American community has been let down by politicians, they are only paid attention to during elections. Inner cities are upset with politicians. He then accused Hillary of preparing for the debate – and she responded with that’s a good thing.

WOW, this is really happening.


LH – Questions Trump on birther movement that has been a racist issue

DT – Says he got President Obama to produce the birth certificate and he’s proud because he wants to defeat ISIS and protect borders. “I was the one who got him to produce it.” Says that he has developed good relationships over the last little while with African American communities.

HC – Trump tried to put birther lie to bed because he knew he would be asked about it. He was sued by Justice Department in 1973 because he wouldn’t rent apartments to African Americans.

DT – Hillary treated President Obama horribly in primary. Says he was sued in 1973 and the case was settled with no admission of guilt. Was sued with many other people.

Securing America

HC – Cyber security and Russian hackers are a huge challenge. She is deeply concerned, Putin has let loose cyber attackers and Trump supports him. Trump invited Putin to hack in to the US. Will go after ISIS online, do more with tech companies to prevent ISIS from using the internet to radicalize, intensifying air strikes, and helping Arab and Kurdish allies to defeat ISIS. She is hoping within the year to push ISIS out of Iraq. Will do everything possible to take out ISIS leadership, was involved in similar efforts as Secretary of State including the killing of Osama Bin Laden.

DT – Says he has been endorsed by hundreds of admirals and generals to lead this country. We don’t know if it was Russia or China or “a 400-pound person sitting at home” who hacked the DNC.

Excuse me, what?

DT – Bernie Sanders was taken advantage of by Debbie Wassermann Schultz. Under President Obama we have lost control of things we used to have control of. ISIS is beating us at our own game with the internet. Not doing the job we should be doing.

LH – On Hillary being the first woman Presidential candidate…

DT – “She doesn’t have look or stamina to be president.” Need tremendous stamina. Have to be able to negotiate with Japan and Saudi Arabia

HC – “As soon as he goes to 112 countries and negotiates deals or stands in front of a congressional committee for 11 hours, he can say that.”


LH – Are you willing to accept the other candidate if you don’t win?

HC -Supports democracy, will support the outcome of the election. This isn’t about her or Trump, it’s about you (the voters) and their families. Their future depends on it.

DT -Wants to “Make America Great Again,” people we were going to deport ended up becoming citizens under current leadership. If Hillary wins, he will absolutely support her.

Also let us not forget, Trump thinks he has a much better temperament than Hillary. He said it’s his “strongest asset by far.”

The next Presidential debates are on October 9 and October 19. The Vice Presidential debate will be held on October 4.


Disclaimer: The political views presented in this article do not necessarily reflect the views of Not Another Millennial Blog.

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