Sick of Going Out To Dinner? Some Inexpensive Date Ideas, Just For You

Author: Chelsea Mulligan, The Dating Game

In this day and age, everyone either complains about dating or money. It’s even more common complaining about both! It’s hard to find something interesting enough to satisfy both people in the relationship, and (more importantly) that will make a killer addition to your Snapchat story.

My boyfriend and I have mastered “cheap but fun” dates. Since we started dating in high school and lived off our chore money and gift cards, you can say that we are pros. To this day, my ideal date is just walking the beach at sunset after grabbing sandwiches from the deli. But…since fall and winter are both on their way, here are some other ideas!

Make dinner together
Living in separate houses, my boyfriend and I try to do this as much as possible. It’s always an interesting trip to the supermarket and we really learn something new about each other every single time we go.

Sometimes, we offer to cook dinner for the whole family – if we are 90% sure it will be a good meal. We’ll even stop at the liquor store on the way home and grab a bottle of wine. Did I mention that you’ll save so much money? We spend what we would for one meal at a restaurant and have leftovers for the next day!

Netflix and Chill, literally.dr-evil
Now that summer is winding down, find something that you will both like. We take turns paying for take-out and enjoy our night in with a movie, or binge-watching a series. If you choose to watch a series, make sure to continue watching it with one another. Once one of you goes ahead, it’s hard to catch up and be on the same page.

On your spare time, go bowling!
Not only does this activity give you a chance to show off your goofy side, but you can compete with one another and show your competitive side. You would be lying to yourself if you didn’t want to beat your significant other at a game! Some bowling alleys have specials during the week, and/or cheap games and shoe rentals. Don’t forget: you can bowl just with each other or invite others to join!

Family Night!
With crazy schedules, it is hard to juggle family time with a date. Don’t be afraid to combine them! Whether is playing a game of Scattergories or watching one of your parents’ favorite movies after dinner, there’s nothing better than family bonding. It’s a way to let your partner see your “at-ease” side, and for your family to really get to know your significant other.

We used to avoid family nights during our teen years, and now we’ve grown to really enjoy them. We’ve created so many laughs and memories this way, and it’s great that our families are a part of them too.

Walk and Talk
There’s nothing like a jump start to your day with a morning walk. Sometimes, we get our dogs in the car and go for, what I call, a “nature walk.” We walk on different trails all over. Not only is it great exercise, but it’s nice being able to talk with a tea (or a PSL, if you’re into that) in hand. We will also sometimes choose to go to a botanical garden or just around town late at night.

Sure, candle-lit dinners and weekend getaways are some great memories of ours, but to me – none of that should be a necessity. One major thing I love about the fall and winter is having the comfortability to throw on a sweatshirt and just relax with my boyfriend. I hope these simple activities help you create memories as special as mine!

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