Bend Over and Cough: It’s Time for an Exam of American Politics

Author: Alli Jean, Current Events/Politics

In the latest media frenzy of this election cycle, the 24-hour news circuit – as well as social media – exploded when the story broke that at a 9/11 memorial service at Ground Zero, Hillary Clinton felt faint, and had to leave the event after an hour and a half. She went to her daughter’s nearby Manhattan apartment to rest, after which, her aides said she felt “much better.”

Due to the constantly increasing panic and frustration about the current state of American politics, we have seen some of the worst behavior yet – from all sides – in reaction to the state of Hillary Clinton’s health. Let’s remind ourselves of some of the facts:

  • In the middle of a grueling campaign schedule that would be exhausting for a person half her age, 68-year-old Hillary Clinton felt overheated standing in the middle of Manhattan on an over 80-degree day.
  • It was later revealed that Hillary was diagnosed with pneumonia a few days prior to this incident and despite this diagnosis, continued to attend campaign events.
  • Despite the complicated and often conflicting rules of American politics, if a Presidential candidate dies or drops out of the race before the election, his or her replacement is not decided by the former nominee, but by the elite of his or her party; the DNC or RNC.


And now we move on to a few of the opinions, reactions, questions and wild conspiracy theories that have been discussed in response to Hillary’s health – which all point to the hysteria and paranoia that currently resides within the majority of voters:

  • On one hand, the health of any potential President is a serious issue for voters, and if either candidate has a mental or physical health issue that could affect their respective abilities to serve as President, voters have a right to know the details.
  • The Clinton Campaign, once again, has managed to appear dishonest to voters. Instead of immediately reporting that Hillary was feeling under the weather, campaign officials neglected to address it, contributing to Hillary’s perception as a dishonest candidate.
  • Speculation is fervent that not only does Hillary have pneumonia – she has been hiding a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease for some time.
  • Admitted conspiracy theorists are suggesting that the real Hillary has been replaced by a body double.
  • Democrats who oppose Hillary – and what they believe was a corrupted primary election – proclaim that the primary runner-up will step in, should for any reason, the front runner need to step down.

How are voters supposed to make an informed decision about whom to elect as their next leader?

Watching the news has turned into a twisted version of “two truths and a lie;” most updates about the 2016 campaigns are either false or highly exaggerated, and occasionally a fact or truthful story sneaks into the news circuit.

Hillary supporters are so fearful of a Trump presidency that they are afraid to even acknowledge areas any issues within her campaign – whether she is feeling under the weather or, the fact that for many, she fails to seem honest and genuine.

Bernie Sanders supporters, still reeling from what they see as a rigged election, are propagating falser stories of what would happen if either candidate drops out, and arguing that if Hillary is too sick to run, that Bernie is automatically entered as he was the primary runner-up.


As for Trump, despite recent leaks of Colin Powell’s deeming Trump as an “international pariah” amongst other names, his poll numbers remain strong.

If this election has taught us anything, it is that we cannot rely on the media to guide us towards honorable candidates. Although many have spent the weekend speaking about Hillary’s health, perhaps we should also be asking about the health of our country and considering the current state of American politics.

Are we so desperate to believe anything but the truth anymore? Are we kidding ourselves that Presidential politics have degenerated into little more than a reality television contest? Is our hatred of the system so strong that many are willing to bring into power someone who is loved by dictators around the world, and feared by those who worry we are about to repeat past instances of promoting hatred and isolation?

With only less than two weeks until the first debate, the time is now to think about where we really want our country headed. We can’t afford to let this decision come down to worrying about the trivial matters…that the media doesn’t want us to forget.

Whatever your views, whatever your opinion of these candidates, it is essential to realize that this election is about more than picking one leader; the fate of our courts and our Congress also hangs in the balance.

So, question everything you’re being told. Do your own research, understand the issues at stake and realize that it is the team that gets elected into the White House that decides the fate of the next generation – and will ultimately either bring us forward or set us back. The choice is yours.


Disclaimer: The political views presented in this article do not necessarily reflect the views of Not Another Millennial Blog.

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