How to Balance Your Relationship With Your Work

Author: Chelsea Mulligan, The Dating Game

Millennials struggle with two things: relationships and finding a decent job. To be successful in both can be challenging but there are ways to make it work – I promise!

For starters, do not force anything! Being happy with your job and relationship should be effortless. You cannot force something to happen if it’s not meant to be, whether that be finding a new job to find that happy medium, or ending a relationship in hopes of finding new beginnings. If you are content in both areas, here are a few ways to continue your growth:

Texting should not be priority during work hourspasted image 0

Yes, a “have a good day” or “good morning” text is appreciated, but do not feel like you need to text throughout the day. You must understand that there is a time and a place for everything. Millennials seem to have this idea in their heads that if you do not answer back immediately or hold a conversation that everything is doomed. Please, I beg of you, please get over that assumption. Tough love: If you honestly feel that you need to be talking to and entertaining someone else while working, you are not your first priority – which *gasp* is a bigger problem than seeing your message was Read.

For the eight hours that you are at work, you should strive to be the best employee you can be. It is hard enough feeling appreciated at work, so stressing about succeeding at work while answering a text message back in a timely fashion will make your mind go into overdrive. It can also make you slip up at work if you are more concentrated on your texting than your assigned tasks.

If it were my guess, the conversation you would have with your significant other wouldn’t even be that interesting. It would probably consist of you both saying that you “can’t wait to get home,” or that you are extremely tired and wish you were still sleeping. Am I right?

Meet for a meal

pasted image 0 (1)Depending on distance, meeting for lunch is a good idea. It can be exciting to see each other in a time frame in which you normally don’t see each other. It can also come off attractive to see each other in “work clothes.”

Meeting for lunch can definitely set the tone for that evening. You can discuss if you would like to do something after work or relax on your own. It is a great compromise to see one another without being forced to watch either The Bachelor or Monday Night Football later that night.

Because your time together during a lunch break is limited, it should lead to good, steady conversation considering you have about 40 minutes together until you return to your desk. Not only is this meeting a stress reliever that gets you away from work drama, but seeing the person you care about for a short period is a nice pick-me-up in the middle of the day.

Limit the complaints
Isn’t it amazing how each and every single one of us hates being at work – but the second we get out, it’s the only thing we talk about? Take note of that and try not to chew your significant other’s ear off by telling him or her what Craig did in the meeting or how annoying Jane’s eating habits are.

You should be able to confide in one another about “work drama,” but try to shorten the story and the problems. Do not do this every single day after work. I repeat, do not do this every single day after work. If you find yourself complaining about your job every single day, it’s time to find a new job.

Finding the balance of maintaining a happy relationship and a successful job can consist of trial and error, but you should only be working hard at one (if any, and my opinion would be the job). If both seem to be rocky, a fresh start entirely is a great idea. Both a relationship and a job should compliment one another – not battle for which is more important. At the end of the day, this is your life.

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